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Give ATV ordinance a try in Three Lakes PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing in response to the letter from Nick Kaufman in the March 6 edition of the Three Lakes News and anyone else considering boycotting the businesses in Three Lakes to protest the recent all-terrain vehicle (ATV) ordinance which was passed two weeks ago.

I would like to give a different perspective of what a boycott could do to this town.

At this time, Three Lakes has the best volunteer fire department, emergency medical technicians (EMT) and ambulance crew in the  North Woods. Some of these people own businesses or work for businesses in Three Lakes.

If a boycott of Three Lakes businesses were to close two, three or four of these businesses, the volunteers working would have to go elsewhere for work. Then, if your house is on fire and Herb, Dave, Carl or any of the other volunteers are working elsewhere, there are not enough people to operate our fire equipment and you would have to wait for a response from Eagle River or Sugar Camp. Do you think your house will still be standing?

Another thought is in a medical emergency. If Nancy, Ted, Herb or any of the other EMTs are out of town working, the response from St. Mary’s in Rhinelander would be a long one. Would your loved one survive?

If your husband, wife or child is trapped in your wrecked car and Lee, who operates the Jaws of Life, is not around to get them out quickly, how long do you want them to wait? These are just a few of the things that could happen.

It would be nice if everyone would take a breath and think about what is being proposed. I think that if this ATV ordinance is allowed to develop for a year, after which it will be reviewed, people would find out it’s not the end of Three Lakes. Other towns have been through this same opposition and, to my knowledge, none of these towns have shut the ATV access down. All these towns have enjoyed an economic boost because of the ATVs. So let’s give this a chance.

In closing, if you really love Three Lakes, then please come here, spend some money in our business and help Three Lakes survive these tough economic times.

A concerned Three Lakes citizen,

Ed Starke

Three Lakes

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 3:40 PM


+77 #2 2013-03-13 13:05
I think it is lame to equate that if the ATV's are not allowed, then you family will suffer with no Fire Dept, EMT, etc. That is just a scare tactic. These groups are A+ because they do a great job fundraising, they are not just surviving due to tourists tax dollars.

I already support the community year round - yet by supporting the ATV trail, the community no longer supports my way of life. It will cost more for Three Lakes to produce this "trail system" than it will ever reap in financial rewards. Maybe the businesses/community should support what we already have in place (TLCFA/Radar Run/Softball Tourney/Heritage Fest) of searching for the next savior of our towns.

FYI, Ed Stark is a Three Lakes Town Supervisor, a local business owner, and a member of the Three Lakes ATV Club.
+73 #1 2013-03-13 12:37
As a Three Lakes homeowner and resident of Reed Road, I was disappointed in the haste of pushing through this ATV proposal without considering ALL of the taxpayers very valid concerns. I am simply concerned for the safety of all residents and visitors, and the preservation of the quiet, peaceful nature of the Three Lakes area. ATV's are not designed to travel on pavement. There will be injuries and accidents that could be avoided if this proposal was handled more responsibly. Citizens of Vilas County are hoping to keep ATV's off their roads and hope that their board doesn't "Three Lakes" the issue. This decision by the Three Lakes town board is gaining a reputation for the town all on it's own. There are win-win options.... but the Three Lakes town board has yet to demonstrate their willingness to compromise.

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