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Wisconsin lagging behind in creating employment PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

National jobless claims for week ending March 16 are at 336,000. That is a good number. That number was consistently above 400,000 and as high as 474,000 when unemployment was at 9%. National unemployment is now at 7.7%.

Things are getting better across the country, but not so in Wisconsin where the “job creators” get the tax breaks and the people that buy goods and services get their wages cut. It is happening just as I feared. Wisconsin is in a downward spiral where reduced wages lead to more reduced wages and loss of jobs leads to more jobs lost.

Check out,­eag.wi.htm. It says that in Wisconsin, the unemployment rate is back at 7% in January 2013. That rate had dropped to 6.7% in November 2012.

This report also says that in August 2012, the civilian labor force was at 3,046,400 and in January 2013 the civilian labor force was at 3,050,200. That is an increase of only 3,800 jobs in five months. In that five months, the United States added about 880,000 jobs.

Wisconsin is lagging way behind. It is not working.

David Groh

St. Germain

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 2:59 PM


+36 #8 2013-03-30 08:26
-37 #7 2013-03-29 14:48
David, unlike all other liberals, could you at least have the courage to answer some questions on this commment board?

Your weblink in your letter does not work, was your source even real?

You claim other states use different methods to determine employment rates, how is Wisconsin different?

Are these methods only used by states run by democrats? Perhaps it is the democrats using the "ginned up" numbers you have a problem with.

Finally you claim "Wisconsin is lagging way behind. It is not working." What exactly is not working. Speaking in generalities used only to scare a populous is dangerous. Please tell us what exactly is "not working."

I am looking forward to your responses so we can have an intelligent debate, not just throw out broad generalities like other liberals do.

Again i am sure you are keeping up with the comments, so have the courage to have the debate, I will go easy on you.
-35 #6 2013-03-29 11:56
John, I love your "make believe" figures you provide. Please cite your sources especially on how Act 10 "alone pulled over 2 billion out of the WI economy.

As for my hope for economic collapse of the Wisconsin economy, I am not hoping, I just faced reality a long time ago.

When you have a party(democrat) in power nationally that will spend beyond revenue levels, you will eventually have a problem. When you have a few democrats too cowardice to run as one and put a (R) behind their name supporting this nonsense, it is unstoppable.

While it will not be an economic collapse just in our state, it will be a national collapse, which will spread globally.

Going along blindly with a party setting our nation down this path is what is not very patriotic young, naive John.
-39 #5 2013-03-29 09:31
Carl, This administration has consistently pushed the numbers in the attempt to make them sounds better than they are. If we used their methods other states would increase as well and WI would still be behind. Source after source of non biased parties have looked at these numbers and they continue to come out to the same. Forbes (hardly a left wing resource) recently released that by 2016 WI will be 49th staying on our current path. Charlie, yes....austerity measures. Act 10 alone pulled over 2 billion out of the WI economy. WI is now a top 10 state for people moving out of. Business does not want to be here, consumer confidence here is poor and active businesses are suffering. How many more in the Northwoods will go under? Good to see you are hoping for the total collapse of WI economy. Not very patriotic of you.
-38 #4 2013-03-28 16:27
Austerity measures John? We haven't even gotten into austerity in this state yet. All the Governor asked the public service unions was to pay a portion of their retirement and for some of their health care insurance costs.

Wait until true austerity takes place. Laying off of useless government employees, limiting handouts, closing of public institutions that should not be run by public money.

The quicker we do run out of money you democrats so love to take away from us and spend on your idea of what this country should look like (the former Soviet Union) the better off this country is going to be.

I did not say the better off the PEOPLE of this country are going to be. This is going to hurt a lot of people really bad. Fortunately, the people who gave us 4 more years of this socialist style of government will hurt the most.

-35 #3 2013-03-28 14:57
Not so fast David. Follow the link. WI is in fact way ahead of our neighbors on job creation.
Liberals will always state false information as long as it fits their agenda.
David, I await your response.
+38 #2 2013-03-27 21:32
Good letter David. WI now ranks 44th in job creation and Forbes has us projected to fall to 49 or 50th by 2016 staying on our same course. Other states like MN did not institute austerity measures to deal with their budgets and instead did the opposite. The result? MN is around 13th in job creation and has a mid 5% unemployment rate. IL is ranked at 33 in job growth. In fact, we are an island when it comes to growth. Consumer confidence here is low and it's rather easy to see Gov Walker's plan (or ideology) is not working. The mine may not even open and if it does it will be 7 years or more off. What about now? Instead, they give contracts to MN based companies and kill WI grown companies like Skyward. The experiment has failed and it's time to go in a different direction in the near future.
+32 #1 2013-03-27 00:23
I agree with you David and I'd like to give a big ol' thanks to the democrats for not wanting jobs in Wisconsin.

Perhaps we all should consider very carefully when we vote to see actually which party is determined not to increase the number of employed in this state.

Scott Walker has done a remarkable job in trying to lure employers to Wisconsin, only to be undermined by the democrats with there needless regulation and attempts to tax new business.

We need only look at the 800+ Wisconsin jobs that would have been created had the democrats voted for the mining bill last time around. Valuable jobs in Iron County as well as other areas of the state.

Once again the democrats put up enough obstacles to not allow the creation of these important jobs. How many more jobs are we willing to allow to go to other states you democrats? Mr. Groh and I hope ZERO!

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