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Everyone deserves quality end-of-life care PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

This is a subject that probably has not been talked about much, but I feel it must be because at one time or another, we all may be faced with it one way or another.

I?am not going to name any person or particular institution. This is because of  a problem with our elder care system and a kind and caring person I am thanking for stepping in and trying to fix the problem locally in Eagle River. By now, a lot a people in Land O’ Lakes know him and the help he has given a local family with a loved one in an assisted-living facility.

The subject and problem I am talking about are nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in general. Just because a place you want to put your loved one looks nice on the inside and outside, doesn’t mean it is. Don’t let this sway your decision.

What is important is the kind and gentle care your loved one is getting. There may be something about the neglect of care that they are getting that you may never be aware of. The loved ones or a spokesperson for your family member must speak to someone about any of the unacceptable care your family member is getting. Don’t go to the aides, charge nurse or director of nursing. Go right to the top. Go to the administrator in the case of nursing homes or assisted facilities.

You may wonder why I?am writing this and it’s because I?worked in a local nursing home for 15 years and have experienced many, many instances of bad care. You cannot blame the aides. They are caring, kind and wonderful people. The problem comes right from the owners and administrators and government inspectors concentrating on the wrong things.

Believe me, elder care is bad and will get worse unless more people like the kind person I mentioned at the beginning of this letter step forward and try to put a stop to it.

Remember, at one time or another, a lot of us are going to experience this with a loved one or eventually ourselves. Just because some of our senior citizens are sick or incapacitated, we are all still children of God. Everyone deserves compassionate end-of-life care.

Mike Miller

Land O’ Lakes

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 3:00 PM

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