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ObamaCare frightening, not right for America PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

I am frightened.

We are preparing for Halloween. There are costumes to assemble and pumpkins to carve. Halloween is haunting, but I am more frightened of ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act).

Here is a quick list of some of the worst things in the law:

•?Anti-conscience mandate — it attacks and violates religious beliefs.

•?ObamaCare’s true cost has yet to be realized. The law is estimated to cost $2.6 trillion once fully implemented.

•?The uncertainty ObamaCare brings has forced business owners to cut back hours and positions have been slashed.

•?The Independent Payment Advisory Board has rationing power.

• Medicare payment cuts ($575 billion in payment reductions to Medicare providers and Medicare Advantage).

•?Government control over doctor decisions (value-based payments).

•?159 new boards, agencies and programs and the IRS in charge of collecting payments and fines. We know how well the IRS performs!

•?The total increased tax burden included in ObamaCare totals nearly $819 billion.

•?President Obama exempts political friends from the law.

•?ObamaCare strangles economic growth and will collect a staggering $317 billion in income taxes over the next decade.

I could go on and on. The list is endless, just like the pages of the Affordable Care Act.

It’s clear ObamaCare isn’t right for the country and will only bring uncertainty and stagnant job growth. Even Obama’s own party has disagreed over the law’s implementation. We must put an end to this costly law before it destroys more jobs and opportunities.

Carol Cady


Republican Party of

Vilas County

Arbor Vitae

Tuesday, October 01, 2013 4:11 PM


-11 #54 Frank Gabl 2013-10-19 01:12

Simply being incapable of proving your statements correct, by not accepting the bet for charity is proof that your words were fabricated as usual.

+16 #53 2013-10-14 11:03
Not sure what you "think" but I never admitted to anything. FACT is you believe that your posts are all factual and that mine are fabrications. Your narcissistic ramblings are on display for all to see.
-20 #52 Frank Gabl 2013-10-11 14:06

If that's the best admission I can get from you that you were wrong - so be it.

After all, using what I said to Bill instead of what you said to me in 45, "Frank...You believe All your posts are factual yet, mine, Jeff's and others that have differing viewpoints to you are ALL fabrications," just shows the lengths you'll go to to distort and mischaracterize the truth by purposely not mentioning "Jeff and others."

Once again you prove quite nicely that it is you, In fact, who Is the one you're trying to label me as.

In this case "narcissist."
+16 #51 2013-10-10 15:20
Frank, people see through you. You can squable over my using the term "All" all you want, but your statement "Bill, Obviously, you have no clue as to the “content” of my posts which are based in fact vs. John’s which are generally fables, distortions, mischaracteriza tions and fabrications of those facts." speaks volumes and merely solidifies you are a Narcissist. Bill summed up the general concensus pretty well I think. You may be surprised to now that there are things I have moderated on over the years like what percent is man reponsible for global warming as one example. I have a feeling that you are set in cement with your beliefs, never being able to objectively look at an issue or change an opinion. Just an observation
-23 #50 Frank Gabl 2013-10-09 11:36

Everything in your last post after the word “PRICELESS,” is just another broken-record rendition of the same Pinocchio-like distortions, mischaracteriza tions and fabrications that you’ve been using all along pertaining to Walker and Common Core, of which, I will address later.

But for right now, I have a much more productive way for the two us to find common ground than the question you posed to me about the taconite mine, because I’m sure, just like me, you fervently believe in supporting children’s charities.

So I have the perfect way that we can bury the hatchet just this one time for a good cause.

Cont. below:
-24 #49 Frank Gabl 2013-10-09 11:35

If you can prove that what you stated in post 45 is not a fabrication as it refers to “Jeff’s and others” as well as “ALL fabrications” (which you dishonestly fabricated from what I said to Bill in post 44) when you stated: “Frank… You believe ALL your posts are factual yet mine, Jeff's and others that have differing viewpoints to you are ALL fabrications” -- I will gladly donate $1000 to the Warm the Children charity sponsored by the Vilas County News-Review.

Note: Upper case usage of “ALL” is your emphasis.

But, if you fail to prove what you stated is accurate, based on what I said to Bill in post 44 – you are then obligated to make the $1000 donation instead.

-20 #48 Frank Gabl 2013-10-09 11:34

See how easy it is for you to act exactly like those whom you are chastising? Or more specifically - just like John. I could recite that “glass house” proverb but let’s just go with; illustratively hypocritical and rich.

Now granted, your last comment was posted yesterday at the same time mine was, so you didn’t get a chance to examine my incontrovertibl e evidence of John’s latest Pinocchio fabrication that should recruit any “reasonable” person into joining my side.

However, after reading your latest post, I bet it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference anyway.

So, how about a friendly bet for charity?

If you can prove that I said (post 44) what amounts to what you stated, “Thank you for proving my point with your statement that ALL OF YOUR STATEMENTS are based in FACTS,” I will donate $1000 to Warm the Children charity.

And if you fail, you make the $1000 donation instead.

+24 #47 2013-10-08 18:32
Frank, Thank you for proving my point with your statement that ALL OF YOUR STATEMENTS are based in FACTS ? While all of Johns statements are FABLES etc.etc. You truly think you KNOW IT ALL just like little children. VERY SAD !
-29 #46 Frank Gabl 2013-10-08 16:09

I had a feeling that John's response to my latest posts would allow me to prove directly to you the fraud that I've been working to keep in the spotlight, however, I never thought he would make my point as opportunistic as he has.

John just unequivocally stated: "Frank...You believe ALL your posts are factual yet mine, Jeff's and others that have differing viewpoints to you are ALL fabrications. PRICELESS!"

Now Bill, to prove my point based on what I said to you in my previous post, which is where John is pulling his response to me from, I will donate $1000 to Warm the Children if you can prove that I referred to anyone other than John pertaining to the "fabrications" as he stated.

As a matter of fact, maybe you could ask him to pony up the $1000 if he can't prove his statement is not a fabrication.

Bill, I really wish you would come back on and tell us if you were able to validate John's statement.
+28 #45 2013-10-08 12:43
As I stated Frank, you are one of the biggest Narcissists this site has ever witnessed. Funny thing is everyone can see through you a mile away. You believe ALL your posts are factual yet mine, Jeff's and others that have differing viewpoints to you are ALL fabrications. PRICELESS! You took a topic of healthcare and spun it to once again display your "Black helicopter" moment of the big Govt takeover from Obama, yet fail to acknowledge that common core was in the works LONG before Obama was ever a thought or in office. You seem to know exactly what Walker believes even though those in his party don't and we can't get a clarification from his spokesperson. What we do know is he doesn't think CC goes far enough. Sounds like he thinks Govt should be even more involved! Quick question though....I actually believe there is some middle ground betwen Dems and Repubs on things like the mine for instance, do you?

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