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North Woods needs facilities for elderly PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

A new year begins, the games of life continue, especially as one ages and needs all of the above to be assured of the best run of their life.

There are plenty of senior players at bat for the placement in their life when a health issue leaves them in left field for care in a facility to offer them a home run with qualified staff to address their issues.

The North Woods lures visitors from everywhere with the beauty of the area, advertising nature at its finest, up-to-date hospitals and clinics, dedicated physicians and nurses, but the healthcare facilities have been left to hibernate in the woods.

The rules of yesteryear need to be reviewed and adapted to comply with the needs of the persons requiring special care in designated health-care facilities. The concerns are training and certification, patient-to-worker ratios, medication dispensation, meals, standards in care, complaint/­arbitration resources, etc.

Several nursing homes have closed in the past few years. Assisted-living facilities have taken over to accommodate the needs of those residents needing extended care, but their rules need a change. With the growing population in the area, it is necessary for our local officials and state Legislature to update the rules and regulations of these facilities to bring them up to the present times/codes.

Assisted-living facilities are a thriving business, lacking rules for special personal care for those afflicted with strokes, dementia and Alzheimer’s. One nursing home in our area cannot accommodate the number of people who require a nursing/medical staff to care for these health problems. A new building for rehab/short-term care recently opened, but lacks a special unit for dementia/Alzheimer’s.

There are so many programs addressing other issues, which are needed, but the elderly are striking out in health care due to the rules and regulations of years ago that have not been changed to meet today’s demands in this area.

Let’s get our heads out of the sand, so to speak, and open our eyes to issues that need to be reviewed and changed in all healthcare facilities, not only in the North Woods, but in the state as well. Please look into the possibilities of more facilities to open their doors to remedy the concern for more health care to be offered.

Dorothy Grems

Land O’ Lakes

Tuesday, March 04, 2014 11:22 AM

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