A FEW YEARS ago, former New York City, N.Y., Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked “Why do you think we have such dysfunction in government at the federal level and, in some cases, at the state level?”

He had a great answer. “In government, people second-guess you on everything. It’s so much easier to innovate and manage in the business world.”

Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg News, is a multibillionaire. He said the explosion of the social media and partisan cable news causes a referendum virtually instantly on every single event of the day.

He has a unique perspective. He didn’t enter politics because he needed a job nor the headaches that came with running a city the size of New York.

“There is an election on every single issue and it happens in real time. Government leaders have no time to think about issues before they have to comment. Then, the pundits and talk show pundits weigh in on the topics with no responsibility for truth and accuracy.”

He finds some fault with the fourth estate, the press, as the 24-hour news cycle, the constant analysis, forces politicians to take positions before they’ve had time to think and gather facts. It’s hard to retract comments made in haste based on unnamed sources.

He noted that the availability of transportation from Washington to every corner of the country has allowed our representatives to get out of the nation’s capitol for every three-day weekend.

Years ago, elected officials would stay in Washington. They would socialize and build camaraderie with fellow representatives of both parties. They would meet for dinner, play golf, attend their child’s birthday parties and do other activities together.

During this time, they would find common ground and work together for compromise. They did what was best for the country and not just what was best for their parties.

*  *  *

JOHN BRABENDER, a partner at BrabenderCox, is a conservative Republican media consultant. He is a frequent guest (sacrificial lamb) on liberal news outlets like MSNBC, CNN and NPR. Progressive Juan Williams plays the same counterpoint role on conservative-network Fox News.

Brabender wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal May 31, where he shared his observations about the political universe based on his experiences behind the scenes. Guest panelists are usually set up to fail when they are ganged up on four to one.

Brabender explains how MSNBC and CNN can be so hateful to the Republican Party and the Trump administration based on what the liberal journalists, activists and progressive politicians told him off camera.

“Liberals are united in the belief that the election of Donald Trump constituted a cataclysmic anomaly in the political cosmos,” he wrote. “They believe in their hearts that this cataclysm was instigated by an outside agent using cyber chicanery.”

Equally clear is their newfound collective purpose in life: to rectify this horrific reality any way they can. They believe voter manipulation is the only plausible explanation for Trump’s victory.

“One segment producer told me that despite more than $1 billion being spent in total marketing dollars on the presidential race — and almost two years of daily news coverage by the liberal media — it was the approximate $200,000 spent by the Russians on social media that tipped the race in Trump’s favor.”

Brabender said the left-leaning news outlets consider reports from “unnamed sources” as the gospel and that far-fetched theories are treated like realistic explanations for every tweet, speech and political move the president makes.

They are convinced Trump is on medication that causes erratic behavior and mental illness. They operate on the premise Trump has been brainwashed or blackmailed by the Russians and they will use any opportunity to prove it to their followers.

He said segment producers take pride in loading questions in an editorial manner, and using assumptions and conjecture as accepted truths as long as they throw shade at the Republican Party and the Trump administration.

*  *  *

AREN’T ELECTIONS supposed to be an end to the selection process? Today’s elections don’t seem to end. After an election, there’s a brief time out, lasting about a week then, a new campaign is started.

Every word, every issue, every statement is judged, challenged and second-guessed, and voted on in real time.

The far-left zealots and the far-right members of the two parties have made it nearly impossible to govern.