IT HAS NOW been five weeks since the presidential election. Time to reflect and put things into perspective. Whether your candidates won or not, we should all want the new Joe Biden administration and our country in general to succeed. We need to believe the sun will shine again in America.

President-elect Biden has pledged to heal and unify the nation governing as a moderate. Pushing a far-left agenda would bitterly divide the country. Biden won the election because America is fed up with bitter partisanship, divisiveness and dysfunction, said Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of a very blue state of Maryland.

Americans desperately want bipartisan, common-sense solutions to the serious problems we face. There is only one America. If you want socialism or something other than the time-tested American culture, you are urged to move to any other of 100 countries.

Anyone refusing to recognize Biden as the president-elect would be making a mistake. That is not good for preserving democracy. We must accept election results.

If there was a mandate for radical change, 74 million of our fellow citizens would not have voted for the incumbent president, voted in a Republican governor in Montana, kept Republicans (contingent on Republicans winning the Jan. 5 Georgia Senate run-off) in the majority in the U.S. Senate and not added Republican seats in the U.S. House. There was no blue wave.

Americans still disagree on many issues, but the divisions aren't as deep as partisan leaders make them appear. Biden needs to do all he can to find responsible compromise on as many issues and build on that bipartisan success. The goal should be to have far fewer party line votes in Congress.

Some people are saying having a Republican majority in the Senate may be a good thing for Biden. It gives him an easy excuse for being unable to ram through massive tax hikes, the Green New Deal and other economic policies that would crush the economic recovery.

Biden needs someone to blame when he inevitably fails to deliver what his party’s leftist want. His honeymoon with his party’s progressive base was never going to last long. The Republican Senate majority will serve as a foil when it comes to environment issues, tax and health-care policies.

Biden will need to have a good working relationship with his old friend, the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. If he is able to do that, both sides may be able to see things done that will benefit the American people and keep their supporters satisfied. If they can compromise, work across the aisle, then we all win.

If there ever was a time for us to focus on tuning out the extremes and coming together as one country, it’s now. We can either continue to perpetuate toxic politics or we can work together to build a better future, wrote Hogan. It’s either move forward together or we can continue to slide backward, divided.

The elections Democrats lost this year may prove as important as the big one they won. Their main goal was to defeat President Donald Trump. As former President Barack Obama said 12 years ago, America is not a collection of red or blue states, but the United States.

From a political standpoint, Democrats believe they should never lose an election because a majority of Americans lean to the left. They believe the Electoral College is fundamentally undemocratic because it allows the popular-vote winner to be denied the presidency on occasion. Without that system, big states like New York and California would always elect the president.

By the same token, they say the Senate also is undemocratic because it gives a lopsided amount of power to thinly populated states at the expense of more populated ones. For example, Rhode Island and California each have two senators.