LET’S SAY YOU are the human resource manager for a company and you are tasked with hiring several hundred, maybe even several thousand, new teammates to help build a growing organization. You can offer an excellent compensation package and the current workforce seems to love working for the company.

Now, think about the images you have seen the past few months of the social unrest, mostly in our largest cities. I am not talking about the truly peaceful marches and protests by patriotic citizens. They were organized, carried signs and let their feelings be known to elected officials.

Many in the crowds were open-minded, and just wanted to attend the gatherings and peacefully express their concerns and frustrations. Then, there were the militant actors. Who are these disgruntled Americans?

They hijacked the honorable intent of the peaceful protesters. They rioted, looted, vandalized public and private property, and destroyed buildings and businesses. They taunted and screamed vile messages at our public protectors.

They became a mob. They took over public buildings, and took it upon themselves to destroy historical statues and monuments. There was no due process. Their acts were criminal as they erased many treasured American memorials to our history and culture.

It made me wonder, who would hire these people? They are men and women aged 15 to 50. They showed a level of anger and rage that was clearly vulgar, criminal and evil. Would you want to work in the same environment with these losers?

It is one thing to be mad and disappointed with the system, but it is another to be willing to join a violent mob and attack, destroy and endanger fellow humans who are deployed to protect their communities. Americans can often respectfully disagree, but would you want to attend church, be a member of a service group or join those malcontents in rooting for a favorite sports team?

We need to acknowledge that there are some people living among us who are not capable of obeying the most basic laws of civil behavior. They have anger issues and believe tearing down is more productive than building up.

They believe the whole world is conspiring against them, refuse to take personal responsibility, can justify that it is acceptable to destroy someone else’s property — if it can be replaced — in order to get attention, no matter who it hurts. It is OK for them to trample on other people’s rights if it furthers their narrative.

Back to my initial premise. Imagine if these bad actors were employed within your ranks. What would happen if they felt they were disrespected, shortchanged or just had a bad day at work? Would they be able to control themselves or would they act out and cause serious harm to those around them?

Your job is to hire the best people for your employer. Would you hire people who are mad all the time and can’t be happy unless they get their way? Would you hire people with mental-health issues? How about those who exhibit anger issues? You wonder if they can hold a meaningful job if they react badly to disappointment.

It feels like fundamental beliefs are shifting and that is making us all uncomfortable. We are looking for leadership that shows one uniting force in everything, sets aside bitter partisanship and shows a love for our country which involves a heightened vision of our nation.

We will need to achieve much out of the ordinary in the next few years to keep this perfect storm of events from ripping us apart. In this election year, we are not seeing it. If this hysteria continues, the danger is it will take over our ability to work together including at home and in our personal interactions. That’s a recipe for chaos.

People of all persuasions simply want common-sense solutions to our problems and differences. Sadly, the power is currently in the hands of the radical left and the conservative right. We’ve lost the economic middle class and it’s time for the fair-minded silent majority to stand up for America.