WE MUST TAKE all measures possible to ensure the integrity of our elections. Nov. 3 has been called one of the most important presidential elections in our nation’s recent history.

What a shame it would be if the world’s leading democracy proves incapable of conducting a fair, orderly election with a valid outcome. I would hope we can save the country from that kind of embarrassment and the potential civil unrest that could ensue.

This is a dangerous time in our history. The political rhetoric is vile. Candidates and pundits are fanning the flames by sowing doubts about the validity of the election. It is quite possible 50% of the votes will be cast by mail. History tells us two-thirds of those mail-in votes will be for Democrat candidates. The movement to mass mail-in voting changes everything.

Adding to the chaos is the fact different states have different laws. Some count or certify mail-ins as they receive them and can report results with dispatch. Others don’t begin to count mail-ins until Election Day. Many states have announced they will accept mail-ins up to nine days after Nov. 3.

Because of the vitriol, there will be charges and countercharges, rumors, legal challenges and conspiracy theories by unidentified internet trolls accusing candidates of stealing the election. The courts might decide the outcome and that could be weeks later.

Many people say they tend to vote as much for the lesser evil as they do for their heartfelt pick. Both of our political parties have lapsed into a state of hopeless bankruptcy. This divisiveness brings out the worst in both parties and precludes either party seeking out candidates of dignified mien, measured thought or strong character.

The fact is, if Democrats can’t beat a candidate as unpopular as Donald Trump during a devastating pandemic and massive economic contraction, then are they even capable of winning any presidential election in the near future? They may want to look at what they are advocating.

Democrat Joe Biden has been the clear favorite all summer, but a defeat in November and a Trump win for an Electoral College victory will provoke mass disillusion and further chaos.

All of this hysteria will further undermine America’s morale, giving us all the impression of profound national deterioration leading to a constitutional crisis. If people don’t accept election results, whether we like them or not, we will no longer be a democracy.

Some pollsters predict Trump could appear to win re-election Nov. 3, but Biden could be declared the winner several weeks later when all the mail-in votes are finally counted. The outcome could be decided by the courts as vote totals are disputed and challenged.

What will happen if Trump wins and Democrats are unwilling to accept the results? Democrats fear Trump will refuse to surrender until every legal challenge is rendered. As Americans, we can only hope one of the candidates wins by a landslide, making accusations of voting irregularities mute.

Adding fuel to the fire is the battle over the filling of the vacant Supreme Court seat. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Sept. 18. The Constitution says Trump and the Republican Party Senate have the authority to fill the seat. Democrats are demanding the replacement be made by the winner of the presidential election which they hope will be Joe Biden.

If the Republicans go forward, the Democrats have threatened retribution in 2021 if Biden wins and Democrats gain the Senate majority. They say they will eliminate the filibuster, increase the size of the Supreme Court from nine to 15, and pack the court with a liberal majority, which Ginsburg opposed, and possibly make the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico the 51st and 52nd states, thus adding four more senators, likely Democrats.