DURING THESE PERPLEXING times, we have to wonder where our moral compass is. While tens of millions of people have stepped up when the country has needed them, there also have been millions of people who have succumbed to the temptation to game the system. Who can turn down free money?

The spirit of generosity has been enormous. It is not an understatement to say our planet is in trouble. Our country needs us to do the right thing. It is vital the vast majority of people stay positive. They must believe we will unlock the secret to minimizing the deathly threat of COVID-19.

Our country and 180 other countries around the world are at war against this novel COVID-19. How does it contribute to the efforts when a hateful media willfully uses every opportunity to point fingers, jump to conclusions, rush to judgement, nitpick, play the blame game and ask the same loaded questions trying to assign fault?

It has become a blood sport with national political implications. Understand that we can’t thrive like never before with half our population egged on by a hostile, spiteful media, looking to cause vitriol and turmoil to further their agenda.

If you’ve watched the work of the White House Task Force and listened to the nearly daily briefings, you’ve watched the press corps grill our renowned experts like they were the evil enemy. The reporters have been antagonistic and vengeful. Every question assumes a depraved narrative. How does this contribute to the conversation in a positive way?

If bringing this pandemic to an end was easy, we’d just ask IBM’s super computer, Watson, to tell us what to do. We’d link the world’s best artificial intelligence networks together and let it solve the COVID-19 pandemic mystery.

We have people demanding we move faster and others demanding we move slower. Too many people are trying to make it a simple issue of saving lives or jobs. We need to find a balance and take reasonable risks. Several experts say that we need to accept the fact that we need to find a way to live with the virus and die with it; even with an effective vaccine.

Something everyone seems to agree with is that President Donald Trump needs to find a way to exude empathy and humility for the growing number of victims. We must find a smart and methodical way to reopen the country. No strategy will be without risks and consequences.

Some people only see the human price of reopening the country too soon. Others see the human price for not reopening. It’s a false choice. Both factions have valid arguments. If the measure is waiting until there is no danger, we may have to wait a very long time, and the damage to the economy and family structure might be irreparable.

As states start to loosen their lockdowns, officials should keep this in mind and trust American citizens to take responsible steps to stay safe in the workplace, marketplace and their homes. In other words, help the people, but trust them to do the right thing.

President Neel Kashkari of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis recently said “I don’t think we’re headed for another Great Depression, but it will be a long, gradual recovery.” It will be determined in large part by how successfully COVID-19 health risks are dealt with.

At the same time, President James Bullard of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis warned “A shutdown of much of the economy, while justified on health concerns, risks pushing the economy into a depression if the clamp-down lasts too long.” These are unprecedented times and they require a unified front.

There are so many things this great nation can accomplish if we stop fighting each other and join forces. We waste so much energy and resources tearing each other down. That energy should be used for the greater good. We all want to see fewer deaths, and less suffering and animosity.

From what I see, the partisan cable news channels and the liberal media outlets are obsessed with disrupting the country. They seem to have a mission to divide us and sow seeds of discontent. I’m not sure there is anything we can do as a government that isn’t being second-guessed by some tribe driven with bad intentions.