I THINK EVERY one of us would agree that having a president with a high moral character would be ideal. But history has shown that having that trait hasn’t necessarily equated to having a president that has been successful in keeping his promises and getting things done.

With at least 200 million adults in America, there must be a few perfect men and women who would be willing to be president. We also need a few perfect people with the qualifications to be a justice on the Supreme Court.

In today’s partisan environment, those perfect people only had to be little angels as children, perfect ladies and gentlemen as students in high school and college.

Surely there are a few men and women among us who were brilliant in their chosen professions, always making the right decisions for their employers and fellow employees, loved by all, and always showing respect for competitors and treating every minority with decency and fairness.

I’m sure we all know people with high moral character, the wisdom of Solomon and the grace of Mother Teresa. The trouble is, everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to listen. Most people feel their fundamental beliefs are less bad than those of those who disagree. 

I was recently sent an essay that you can find on the internet. It is not clear who wrote it and I will only share with you a small portion. The essay argues that most people don’t care about negative attributes of our leaders.

The writer said he has a theory that all presidential elections are a reaction to the sitting president at the time. If you wish your president was decent and measured and refused to return fire at his critics, like George W. Bush, you’d be disappointed, because nobody cared.

Yes, it’s terrible to think these things, but the author makes his case. You might think he’s cynical.

Jimmy Carter was elected president, in large part, because he was a man of ethics, a Christian, wholesome, a moral breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of corruption and scandal created during the Richard Nixon years.

Sadly, the four years Carter was president were a disaster for many Americans. As a result, the country rushed to the polls to elect Ronald Reagan to clean up the mess left by Carter.

The essay said if you wish your president was upstanding, righteous and said all the right things, like Mitt Romney, you’d be disappointed and behind the curve.

If you wish your president was a humble and honorable true public servant, without moral blemishes, like Bob Dole and John McCain, you’d be disappointed because not enough people cared. Voters wanted more.

If you were appalled at the lewd behavior of your president while in the Oval Office, like Bill Clinton, you’d be disappointed that many people didn’t care.

Many detractors of George W. Bush saw him as intellectually limited, incompetent, a warmonger, and a president who presided over a major financial crisis and a horrible domestic terror attack.

That led voters to elect Barack Obama. His background was as a community organizer. He appeared to be a man of high moral character and a devoted family man. He deserves credit for leading the country out of the financial crisis.

During his eight years, Obama raised taxes, saw illegal immigration soar, supported over-regulation, berated the business community, supported a move toward socialism, made the health-care system worse, celebrated diversity, saw terrorism thrive, was incompetent in foreign affairs and did nothing to mitigate racism.

During the Obama era, Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats, including more than 75 seats in the House and Senate. According to the National Conference of State Legislators, the Democrats also lost a net 13 governorships and 816 state legislative seats. Obama won the White House, but lost the country for Democrats.

After eight years of Obama, the author contends that the time for a president like Donald Trump was overdue. Obama’s failures created the foundation for Trump’s shocking upset win over Hillary Clinton.

Voters were fully aware Trump had numerous faults. He was crude, had shady characters around him, had an obnoxious ego, he was a serial liar, lacked empathy, was a bully and has the attention span of a child, but they didn’t care because they saw the country was heading in the wrong direction led by the liberal left-wing of the Democrat Party.

Democrats and many Republicans agree that Trump is not a nice guy and that he can be his own worst enemy when he sends out daily tweets that insult nearly everyone. The trouble is, Trump doesn’t care what people think, he’s just working to build a thriving economy that creates jobs.

Trump is trying to keep his promises to cut taxes, repatriate a trillion dollars, get the economy humming, put people to work, get other countries to pay their fair share of defense costs, get countries to stop stealing intellectual property, slow illegal immigration, deport violent gang members, renegotiate trade pacts and put America first.

At some point, Americans will suffer fatigue. They will either tire of Trump’s caustic antics or they will tire of the constant anti-Trump rhetoric. All this animosity will eventually fall on deaf ears. People will tune it out and voters will stay home from the polls.

Trump may get impeached, arrested, disgraced or booted out of office. But people had better realize the acrimony in Washington and around the country won’t change until the American people demand an end to the partisan discourse.