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Anniversary Announcement

The News-Review welcomes anniversary announcements. We will print photos with captions at no charge for couples celebrating milestone anniversaries, including 50th, 60th, 65th, 70th, 75th, etc. Other anniversary announcements or announcements which include an invitation to a party may be printed as a paid announcement. To submit a paid anniversary announcement, contact an advertising consultant at (715) 479-4421.

What anniversary is being celebrated? * required
Name of couple * required
Site of celebration
Time and date
Type of celebration (list whether open house, reception, dinner, or luncheon)
Who is hosting it?
Brief description of anniversary cake(s)
A brief description of decorations
If a program is presented or remarks are made, list names, etc.

Groom's Parents
Bride's maiden name, if different from married name
Bride's Parents
Wedding date * required
Married where and by whom * required
Names of attendants (indicate who of them attended the anniversary celebration and/or who is deceased)
Children of couple (include spouses' names, if married, and where they now reside)
How many grandchildren?
Where did couple reside during their married life?
Present residence * required
If retired, what was former occupation or profession?
If NOT retired, what is present occupation or profession?
Church and club affiliations, special interests
Add anything else of personal interest that might be newsworthy
Submitted by (include telephone number) * required
Photo by

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