These cooler nights sure are a reminder that fall is on the way. Even though we can still get some warm days, it is noticeably cooler now in the evenings.

Hopefully, this year we will get a slow and consistent slide into cold weather rather than the inconsistent fall weather we have had for the last several years. Nothing is worse for the fishing in September than a pronounced warm front. We’ve had enough rain lately to cool the water and keep the water levels high.

Insect activity is way down from the summer. This is great for everyone enjoying the outdoors. We’re seeing a few orange or yellow leaves, especially on the birch trees. Pretty soon, we’ll start to see them on the ground. 

Weed growth on the lakes is starting to recede somewhat and the shallowest weeds are starting to brown out. Water temperatures are still in the 70s, but high 60s on a few lakes.

Walleye fishing is good, with some nice numbers coming off the Chain. You will be surprised at how shallow these fish will go on the Chain, as the dark water allows them to get up in the 3-foot weeds. Half-crawlers are still the favorite bait, with minnows starting to work a little bit. Best lakes on the Chain have been Catfish and Eagle. We’re also seeing some fish deeper on the rocks on Eagle. A few anglers have reported some bigger fish by drifting with crawlers over the mud flats. This can be slow fishing, but a good way to get bigger fish. On the clear lakes, the action is still in 8 to 14 feet in the weeds. Also, right off the weeds on the drop-offs can be good on many days. Leeches or crawlers are working best for these fish, but soon the action will turn to minnows.

Bass fishing remains great in the area, with largemouths in the weeds and cover near the shorelines. Surface baits have worked well, along with plastics. Crawlers will work, but the bluegills will often beat the bass to them. There seems to be a mix of both smallies and largemouths in the 6- to 10-foot range on the Chain. If you can find some cribs in those areas, you’ll do well for both types of fish. Smallies like crayfish the best, so any imitation of them will attract fish.

Northerns are hitting in the weeds. Use Mepps spinners for the best results, or larger sucker minnows as live bait.

Muskie action has been OK, with a lot of weed action on the Chain. As usual, surface baits and bucktails are the best producers on this water. There are some anglers catching suspended fish in deeper water on crankbaits and rubber baits. This action has been good at times, but somewhat inconsistent.

Panfish action has been very good, with crappies leading the way. They are locating in shallow weeds on the Chain and being caught in good numbers. Small plastics such as Twister Tails and Mini Mites are working best under bobbers. Bluegills are also in the weeds and hitting on worms on all lakes. Look for perch in the weeds also, but deeper.

Not much warm weather left. Take advantage of it when you can.

Good luck and good fishin’.