Once again, the North Woods has been treated to a roller-coaster weather pattern, with cold and hot in the same week. Let’s hope that these patterns stop soon. Water temperatures are in the 70s mostly, but have been moving up and down. 

Walleye are hitting better now that the mayflies are basically done with their hatch. This is good. Anglers will find them either in the weeds or in the holes at this point. In dark water, walleyes can be surprisingly shallow as long as there is good cover. Muskie cabbage is the best. On the clear, larger lakes, the fish are deeper. 

Bass fishing is good now, with lots of action in the cover areas along shorelines for largemouths and even the occasional smallie. For largemouths, try surface baits or plastics for best results. Smallies are usually deeper now, over hard-bottom areas with rocks or gravel. 

Northerns are feeding daily in weeds. This is one fish that is more active on “hardware” than live bait, so throw Mepps, Johnson Silver Minnows or Daredevils at them in those weeds. If you want to fish live baits, larger minnows are the best.

Muskie action has improved significantly in the last week and a half as the females are recovering from the spawn. Weed fishing is pretty good right now as the fish are moving shallow to feed. All bait types are now working, though our favorites are surface baits and mid-sized bucktails over weeds.

Panfish action remains good, with bluegills leading the way near the shorelines as they spawn.  Crappie seem to be more spread out now. Many are using weeds for cover. Small plastics are best. Perch are acting like smaller walleyes and are in the deeper weeds. Leeches work well.

The weather is great now, so get out there.

Good luck and good fishin’.