We are definitely seeing signs of fall now as the nights are getting cooler, ferns are starting to get brown and some leaves are falling. It seems to be coming early this year.

The water temperatures are now down in the 70s and dropping. Weeds are starting to die off in the shallows and receding elsewhere. 

Walleye fishing has been good on the Chain, with the walleyes just starting a move to deeper water with the baitfish. Jigs and minnows are working the best on the Chain, with some anglers still getting them on crawlers. On the larger, deeper lakes, walleyes are also moving deeper. This pattern will continue during September and some fish will be as deep as 35 feet. Minnows are best on the big lakes.

Bass fishing remains very good, with the largemouths moving a little deeper as the weeds start to die off in the shallows. Look for green weeds as cover, but in the shallows they will still use piers and downed trees. The smallies are deeper, as deep as 30 feet on some lakes. Leeches are by far the most effective live bait for them. 

Muskie action has been a little sporadic, but some nice fish have been caught. Muskie anglers look forward to the fall as that is the best time of the year for trophy fish. You can use bigger and slower moving baits as water temps decline. Soon it will be time for suckers. Some of the largest fish of the year are caught on suckers. The Chain is very productive in the fall with suckers or sucker imitation baits like Suicks or Eddie Baits. Fish the weed edges where it drops off to deep water.

Panfish action is OK, with crappies starting to move deeper to the holes on the Chain where they will spend the winter. Small plastics and minnows are best for them. Bluegills are moving a little deeper in the weeds and hitting on worms. Perch are also in the weeds, but deeper, acting like small walleye. The best bait for these fish is leeches.

Fall is coming, so get those last fishing trips in before you put your boat away.

Good luck and good fishin’.