What a weather pattern we have been in. We seem to either have too much moisture or it’s too dry — no in-between periods. Even with the recent rain, the Wisconsin River below Eagle River has been low. This is great for the smallie anglers, who try to cast a bait behind each rock in the river. There are even some nice muskies in the upper stretch of the river.

The weeds continue to die off and even the deeper weeds are now receding. Water temperatures are now in the 70s and sinking, which should improve the fishing. 

Walleye fishing has been pretty good, especially on the Eagle River Chain, as the fish are now moving into the holes on each lake. Fish the edges of the holes in the 15- to 18-foot range first and if you don’t find walleyes, you can try the deepest part of those holes. If you have good electronics, you’ll see the schools of walleye on those electronics. Crawlers remain the best bait for these fish, but as it gets colder minnows will take over. The holes on Catfish and Cranberry lakes have been the most consistent and best producers. The larger lakes are producing fish during the daytime near deeper structure. 

Bass fishing is still very good for largemouths, even though they have moved a little deeper as the shallow weeds die off. All bait types work for these fish, but still look for cover as these fish always seem to hold to cover of some sort. The best live baits are crawlers. Smallies are slowly changing their bait preference to minnows as the crayfish die off. This also means that they will be at times shallower as they feed on minnows. They still prefer hard bottoms, though. 

Northern fishing has been good. These fish still prefer weeds for their hunting. As we have mentioned repeatedly, it seems that most are caught by accident by muskie or bass anglers fishing the weeds.

Muskie fishing has been OK, but not great all year, as that cold spring seemed to throw these fish off their normal patterns. If you look at the tournaments or the league results, they are lower than previous years. The best way for results right now is to fish in deeper water with either crankbaits or plastics. Fishing near deeper structure can be very good now. Muskies are coming into the weeds, but the feeding windows are very short now. Expect them to spend more time in the weeds in September. Night fishing also has been good.

Panfish have been active, with crappies being the star fish again this week. Look for these fish in the weeds, with anglers using small plastics for good results. We are seeing some schools of these fish in the holes. Bluegills remain in the weeds and hitting waxies or worms. Perch are for the most part in the deeper weeds.

Summer is getting away from all of us. The three-day Labor Day weekend is just ahead, meaning there will be less boat traffic for anglers in another week or so. That fall fishing is just around the corner.

Good luck and good fishin’.