There sure weren’t too many ice anglers out with this horribly cold weather last weekend. It is the time of the year when we always seem to have this cold weather, no matter what it has been before this.

The additional snow for the snowmobile fans and the skiers is welcome, but we look forward to the end of this cold snap and some decent weather for February ice fishing.

The ice is getting significantly thicker with the cold weather, but it is still OK to get around. Some roads are heaving pretty badly, so things are getting kinda bumpy out there. Again, it’s that time of year. That frost line is getting down there with the little snow.

Walleye fishing has been OK, but not too great with the cold weather. The same pattern — with evening and night fishing being the best and shiners or sucker minnows under your tip-ups — is still holding. Deep-water jigging is producing some fish for those who can stand the weather. The coming warm-up should produce some good fishing for all of us. Walleyes  are still in the holes on the Chain.

Northerns have slowed with the weather, but you can still get some fish in the afternoons. Sunny days are the best. Larger shiners are best for these fish.

Panfish action has been reduced by the lack of anglers out there. Crappies are roaming in schools on the Chain in those holes and in deeper water, but even that action has slowed with the weather. You are better served with good electronics when fishing for these fish to find the schools. It is hard to keep a lot of holes open in this cold, but as it warms you’ll find anglers digging a number of holes and searching for these fish. The same for bluegills — you have to search for the bigger fish in the weeds. Waxies or spikes are best for the ’gills in the weeds. Perch are usually near the bottom at this time of year, as they are starting to feed on wigglers. Look for softer-bottom areas for these fish.

Sorry to have so little to report this week, but that cold weather has almost put a stop to the fishing. We’ve got a lot of ice fishing left for the year as it warms and the best panfishing of the year is still in front of us.

Good luck and good fishin’.