Thanks to a major pre-Christmas thaw followed by a holiday cold snap, we finally have some good ice and no slush on the majority of lakes. We are now seeing a good number of anglers on the ice and many of them are venturing out on snowmobiles, ATVs and even side-by-side UTVs. Many of the lakes with snowmobile trails crossing them have been marked.

Anglers are reporting some good action on northern pike, walleyes and panfish, especially crappies in and around the deep holes.

With a little more snow, the winter activities are in great shape, with ice thickness ranging from 7 to 13 inches on area lakes. Let’s hope we don’t get any more big thaws with the new snow for the snowmobile fans and the cross-country skiers to enjoy.

The walleye action has been very good on the Eagle River Chain, with evening and night action happening every day. The usual tip-up action in the evening with golden shiners is making anglers happy nightly. Anglers say sucker minnows are best for walleyes on the deep, clear lakes.

Daytime action for crappies has started in deeper water now that we can reach the holes on each lake. Minnows and plastics are working for these fish, which are quite often suspended some three to six feet off the bottom. We also have heard on some good perch action on many lakes.

Northern pike are actively feeding in weeds and outside edges, which will remain strong as long as oxygen levels are strong in the shallow areas.

Good luck and good fishin’.