For ice anglers the word snow has become a bad four-letter word. We have gotten some colder weather, which has thickened the ice and reduced the slush somewhat. 

Then that darned snow reappeared and while it is easier to get around than several weeks ago, it again became more difficult with that last blast. What a winter we are having this year.

Fishing reports, now that more people are getting out on the ice, are better. All species have showed up in angler reports this week As a bonus, we can now get snowmobiles and four-wheelers out there on many lakes. A reminder: if you are going to untraveled spots on lakes, check the depth of ice as you go.

Walleye fishing has been very good for this time of year. The fish really caught a break in the early season with the bad conditions, as the number of anglers was way down. We’re now seeing most of our regulars getting out there and having some success. On the Chain, Scattering Rice and Yellow Birch have been producing walleye daily. Some numbers and a little size have both been reported on most of the lakes on the Chain. On the bigger, deeper lakes, there’s been some daily action from jig fishermen in deeper water, especially in the afternoons. Just a minnow head on those vertical jigs is all that’s needed. 

Northern action has been consistent and good in the area during afternoons on a daily basis. Larger shiners are working well as usual. Find the weeds, especially green weeds, and you’ll find fish.

Panfish action has been good almost anywhere you can find weeds. Bluegills and perch have been hitting well. Crappies have been deeper, so you’ll find them in 15 to 25 feet of water. They are in the holes on the Chain. Vertical jigs tipped with waxies have been best.

All in all, things are looking better on the ice. There is still a problem with slush almost everywhere, but not as bad as before.

Good luck and good fishin’.