There is not much ice fishing going on at this point as the ice conditions have been as bad the past month as they will ever get up here. 

However, this warming weather is a delight (except this writer is dealing with some moisture in the basement) and it means much nicer things to come.

Believe it or not, there is some good ice fishing ahead. The late spring panfishing can be great, especially the crappie fishing. 

When the holes stay open in early April and we can get around on the ice easily, the evening crappie fishing is some of the best of the year. This great pattern will last right up to the ice-out. There have been times when it is warm enough to fish in those evenings in a T-shirt. Be careful of the sun, even at this time of year. Anglers have gotten a pretty good sunburn on those sunny afternoons.

As far as current fishing goes, there have been a few anglers out, but not many. There was a crust on the ice over the weekend due to cold nights and warm days that allowed anglers to access some lakes. 

Crappies are in the holes and are the fish to go for now. The fish seem to be more scattered than usual. Small rosie reds or crappie minnows work great. Deeper water is good now, but as it warms start looking for the fish to move shallower and become especially active in the evenings as the sun hits the treetops. When they really get going later, you can get by with light flashy baits without live bait.

Good luck and good fishin’.