There is not a lot going on in the fishing world at this time, just a few diehard muskie fishermen and one or two walleye anglers out there.

Open water is almost done for the year and many anglers are now seriously looking forward to the ice fishing season. With the cold temperatures, the water is looking more and more like ice will be forming soon.

Early ice can be great fishing. Remember when many guys looked forward to bringing their tip-ups Up North for the deer season for some evening ice fishing? That hasn’t seemed to happen for a number of years now. Nevertheless, that first ice can produce very good walleye action with those tip-ups. Medium shiners placed carefully to intercept the fish as they move into the weeds or shallows to feed in the evening or at night will do the trick for many anglers.

The usual warnings certainly apply with this thin ice in the beginning. Get ice picks and spud your way out there. When you do set up, remember to spot yourself on the inside of the tip-ups, not on the deeper side. You don’t want to spook the fish before they get to the tip-ups.

Let’s hope that the snow cooperates with ice fishermen and -women this year. If we get a heavy snow right after the ice forms, it will be a tough year to get around with all the slush. As miserable as it can be, we would love a big cold front to thicken the ice soon, then smaller snows. This is one thing that the snowmobile community agrees with the ice fishermen. They would like the swamps and lakes frozen first before a lot of snow hits the North Woods.

Another fish that will hit soon after ice up are the perch. In fact, they can drive tip-up anglers crazy by setting off tip-ups when they are walleye fishing. Be sure to have some jigging rods with smaller minnows or waxies ready when that happens.

Here’s hoping that it will be a good ice season and a great ice fishing season for all of us!

Good luck and good fishin’.