Very few anglers got out on the ice for the last weekend of the game fish season. The snow and slush on the ice are keeping most people away. 

Those few anglers who are still venturing out are going on lakes that have snowmobile trails, or they are walking out or using snowshoes. We have heard of people getting snowmobiles stuck on the lakes when not on the trails, so watch out for slush. 

The intense cold weather at this time of year might be freezing some of that slush, but we will just have to wait and see. Warmer temperatures are in the forecast for later this week.

As the snow is reduced by the sun and warmer weather, we’ll have increased ability to get around on the lakes and chase some panfish.

The bluegill and crappie fishing is especially good as the weather warms in March. Look for great crappie fishing in the spring before ice-out, as they head for weeds on many lakes just as the sun hits the treetops. The very best times are when it gets warm enough that the holes don’t freeze overnight. This fishing really gives us something to look forward to. 

With our snowiest February on record now behind us, here’s hoping that conditions only improve.

Good luck and good fishin’.