Well, we’ve moved into that late fall period in which there are not many anglers out there, as most anglers are now waiting for ice fishing. 

This is the period for trophy muskie anglers and  some tough walleye anglers. Water levels remain high and the weeds are now  mostly down. 

With the leaves down, the sight lines are now great for grouse hunters and deer archers. We heard a lot of shooting when we were on the water fishing, so there must have been a lot of grouse hunters out during that recent warm weather. It’s been pretty good hunting weather for November.

Walleye angling has been very good on the Chain of Lakes, with the fish having gone deeper. It’s easier to find them because they have concentrated somewhat in or near those holes on each lake. The best bait are the “tuffy” minnows or sucker minnows with jigs of 1/8- to 1/4-ounce depending on the wind. The strong wind has made it almost impossible to fish on some days. On the larger lakes, the same basic pattern has been in effect. The fish are deeper, off the drop-offs and in water as deep as 40 feet. Larger minnows are working on these types of lakes. Also try the rock bars in deeper water.

Muskie action has been OK on most lakes, but not spectacular. With this inconsistent weather, it just seems a little slower than normal except for the Chain, where there is always action. We see a few pictures in the Outdoor pages, but not as many big ones as normal. Sucker action has seemed a little slower than normal also. We should get a good spurt with the water temperatures now dropping again and with the cisco spawn on the horizon with this colder weather.

Northerns are still being caught, but it is mostly by accident by the walleye or muskie anglers.

With colder temps on the way, get your ice fishing gear ready as ice-up is just around the corner.

Good luck and good fishin’.