There’s not a lot to write about this week in the ice fishing world, as the ice is still thin and we had another snowstorm over the weekend.

This second early winter snowstorm is not what we as ice anglers hoped for. It looks like it could be another slush season, as the ice we do have is cracked due to the weight of the snow and letting water through.

The insulating snow is also bad news for snowmobile trails, especially where the trails cross lakes or swamps. That extra snow is preventing the ice from developing property. What a winter already.

We have seen only a few ice anglers out on the lakes so far, and none of them are going out to deep water. The first anglers are usually the walleye anglers because they can fish along the weed beds in shallow water. Walleyes make a daily run to the weeds in the late afternoon and evening to feed on minnows.

With this last 8-inch snowfall, it is going to take longer for anglers to reach the crappie holes. Any lakes that still had some open water is in much better shape as they have yet to freeze. It is going to be a while before guys test the deep areas on any lake.

So far, the only happy people are cross-country skiers, provided they ski on groomed trails. Things are setting up early and trails should be in great shape once they are groomed. Snowshoe fans are also looking at this snow with satisfaction, preparing for an active winter.

Other than that, my friends, there is not a lot to talk about until we get some really cold weather and some more ice. Make sure you spud your way onto the ice.

Good luck and good fishin’.