Well, we’re getting ever closer to an actual spring, as the general weather trend is for warmer weather starting later this week. It sure didn’t seem like it last Saturday, but that was just a reminder of winter. 

The ice is really funny now, with a layer of ice, then water and then 22 or so inches of harder ice. Anglers are telling us that the main ice layer is kind of junky ice. We hope it goes fast and opens up in three weeks or so. That would make for a normal spring period. Remember last year? We had a big snowstorm in late April.

The ice on some shorelines is getting hard to get across. Some anglers will resort to using waders to get out there on the ice block. Usually, the ice on the north shore gets worse first every year.

We have a fair amount of ice fishing left, depending on the weather. All types of panfish are hitting well. We’ve had some reports of some great perch fishing using red spikes on a number of lakes. These fish are moving in schools, and are generally near the bottom at the deeper weed edges. As we get nearer to the ice-out, they will mover closer to the bays where they will go to spawn.

Crappie fishing is the highlight of the spring and this fishing is just starting. As the water and the weather warm, the fish will move shallower every evening to feed. As the sun hits the treetops, the fish will be in or near the weeds and will aggressively feed. The best fishing comes when it is staying warm enough for the holes to stay open at night. The ice will be getting black at that time, so exercise some care when going out.

It’s time to start looking at those boats and your open water fishing equipment. Basically, if you use monofilament line, change it each spring. Lubricate those reels, sharpen your hooks, organize your tackle boxes and get ready for some fun perch fishing this spring.

Pray for warm weather and a quick opening of the lakes.

Good luck and good fishin’.