Here we are in February already, with very thin ice conditions on many lakes. You will see ice anglers out there, but most of them are walking, with the exception of a few lakes. 
This has been a difficult year for ice fishermen, with slush and poor ice on many lakes. Every time we feel we’re going to get an improvement in that ice due to cold weather, we get another snowstorm. 
There are some lakes, like North Twin, where you can take four-wheelers and snowmobiles out onto the ice, but on many lakes you can only walk. 
Walleye fishing remains in the fair to good category, with afternoon and evening fishing the best. This is the usual pattern for these fish as they move into shallower water in the evenings to feed. Tip-up action with shiners or sucker minnows is the favored way of fishing these fish. Yellow Birch and Eagle lakes have been the best on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes. On larger lakes, like North Twin, there has been some decent daytime deep water jigging action for walleyes. Vertical jigs with minnow heads seem to work best for this fishing in 20 to 30 feet of water.
Northern fishing is good throughout the area. Generally, you will find these fish in or near weeds and the greener the better. The reason for this is because minnows and panfish are in the weeds. Large shiners seem to work best for northerns, as they are the most visible. Tip-up fishing works best, but later in the year jigging works in the weeds.
Panfish action remains good. Crappies are out in deeper water in schools, but this has been a “break” of a year as most anglers do not want to walk that far out. Perch and ’gills are hitting well in the weeds on waxies or spikes.
Many are concerned with the heavy snow cover and the chance of some fish kills this year. A few anglers have already reported some “smelly holes” in shallow weedy areas on some lakes. We’ll see, but we really hope for an early spring this year.
Take advantage of the good ice fishing weather and the opportunity to spend some time outdoors this week.
Good luck and good fishin’.