The weather is more consistent than earlier in the year. A good suggestion is to fish in the early morning and evening to avoid the warmth and boating traffic, especially on the Chain of Lakes.

Water temperatures are in the low 80s on some lakes. Weed growth is very good, but the shallow weeds will start to turn brown and die off as summer erodes toward fall.

Walleye fishing on the Chain is very good right now for numbers of fish. Male walleyes have been feeding daily in the weeds and providing good fishing with all types of live bait. Leeches seem to be the favorite, but minnows and crawlers are working on jigs or under slip bobbers. 

Bass fishing has been very good for both types of bass. Largemouths are in cover, which means lily pads, weeds, bulrushes and piers. Surface baits work in all other places. The smallies are deeper and usually over hard bottom areas. You’ll find them in depths of 8 to 30 feet and mostly feeding on crayfish. 

Northerns are feeding in the weeds. They will hit larger minnows or any kind of flashy baits. They’ll take your plastics also when you’re bass fishing.

Muskie action has improved into the “normal” range after the slow start this summer. Some bigger fish are now being caught along with a good number of small and mid-sized fish. For the weed anglers, bucktails and surface baits are still the best. For the deeper water muskie anglers, large plastics and crankbaits are working.

Panfish action has slowed a bit, but bluegills are still hitting in the weeds on worms. Crappies have slowed and dispersed some, so they’re a little harder to find. Cubbie jigs or crappie minnows are working when you find them. Perch also are in the weeds, but usually deeper than the ’gills. Try some leeches for the perch.

It’s a great time to get out on the water.

Good luck and good fishin’.