We have had some beautiful days in the last week or so, and hope that this nice weather keeps up. This is the time of a lot of boat traffic on the water, especially on the Chain, so you might want to plan some fishing trips in the evening or early morning on area lakes.

Water levels are down to normal and the water temperatures are in the 70s now, which is perfect for everyone. There is still some residual of the mayfly hatch going on, but it is winding down for the year. 

Walleye fishing is good, both in or near the deep holes and in the weeds on the Chain. We’ve had some nice reports of anglers getting fish in 3 feet in the weeds and deep in the holes on the same days. Jigs with leeches or minnows are working well now. On the bigger lakes, try the deeper weeds in the 8- to 14-foot range, and then at the drop-offs right off the weeds for good results. Half nightcrawlers have been working well in this pattern. 

Bass fishing remains in the good to very good range, with largemouths leading the way. For these fish, all types of baits work very well. Surface baits have been quite effective, but the best producers have been plastics. Wacky worms under piers and near lily pads work quite well. For live bait, crawlers work best. Smallies also have been hitting well, but deeper. Look for the hard-bottom areas in the 8- to 16-foot range, and use either plastics, deep-running crankbaits or leeches. For the crankbaits, either red or brown colors are good.

Northern pike are hitting well on anything that moves. On lakes like Anvil and Butternut they feed daily in the deeper weeds. For live bait, use sucker minnows under slip bobbers over these deep weeds.

Muskie fishing has improved in the last week or so, with summer patterns taking over. This means surface baits and bucktails in the weeds, and plastics out over deeper water for those suspended fish. It also means that night fishing can be the best time to get larger fish, with fish moving after dark sometimes until 3 a.m.

Panfish action has been good, with bluegills being the most consistent fish. These fish are biting daily in the weeds on worms. Crappies are also in the weeds, but moving around a little so you have to do some searching for them. Perch are in the deeper weeds.

Get out and enjoy the great weather.

Good luck and good fishin’.