With about 2 inches of rain last weekend, the fishing in general is very erratic, with great and poor fishing periods mixed together. 

As we inch toward fall, the water levels remain high. Some weeds, especially the shallow ones, are starting to turn brown. 

Walleye fishing remains good on the Chain with the fish mostly having gone deeper. Those deep mudflats and the holes contain a good part of the population with the fish moving to weeds to feed on some days. Your best bait on the Chain is half-crawlers. on a jig or slip bobber. On the bigger, deeper lakes, the best depth is about 12 to 14 feet. Crawlers and fathead minnows work equally well on most days. 

Bass fishing remains good with largemouths in shallower water for the most part, and hitting very well on surface baits and plastic. Smallies are deeper and generally near hard bottom. Red or brown crankbaits or plastics are working very well as deep as 25 feet on clear lakes. Start at about 10 to 12 feet and go deeper for smallies.

Northerns are hitting well anywhere you can find weeds. Generally, hard baits with a lot of flash or noise work best for these fish. For live bait, sucker minnows are working very well.

Muskie action has been getting better all summer. It can be inconsistent, but as the temperatures drop it just gets better. The feeding periods in the weeds get longer and longer. Surface baits and bucktails are working best in shallower water, and large plastics and crankbaits in deeper water. 

Panfish action remains productive, with bluegills hitting in the weeds. If you want some bigger ones, move around through the weeds as they seem to group by size. Crappies on the Chain are in the weeds, but some are right in with the walleyes. Minnows are the best live bait and small plastics like Mini Mites work very well. Perch are in the weeds, but generally somewhat deeper. 

Get out and enjoy the summer weather.

Good luck and good fishin’.