Hopefully, many outdoor enthusiasts were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather in the North Woods over the weekend. Now the weather is finally settling into a more normal pattern for this time of year.

Anglers are seeing many lakes in the process of fall turnover right now and some lakes are done turning over. This is an excellent time to get out for some late fall fishing.

Walleye fishing on the Chain of Lakes has been very good, with the fish finally reaching the deep holes. This makes the fish easier to locate, as the holes on the Chain are pretty compact for the most part. The fish will be in those holes or near them for the winter. Minnows are definitely the bait of choice now, though a few diehard anglers stick to crawlers. A few larger fish have been caught and that will be the standard for the rest of the fall. Walleye fishing also has been good on most other lakes in our area. Look for schools of baitfish along deep drop-offs to find actively feeding fish.

Crappie fishing also has been very good. These fish can be found in schools of deep water, with minnows and plastics working well for bait. Crappies and walleyes will often be found in the same deep water spots, mainly from 15 to 30 feet deep.

Bass fishing has two patterns. The smallies are feeding and hitting nicely now. They can, like the walleyes, be quite deep. The best bait for these fish will be minnows jigged very near the bottom. The largemouth are different in that they do not go deep, but remain in or near any green weeds they can find. 

Northerns will hit through the fall and will be moving in or near weeds. All the usual shiny or noisy baits will work, or live bait also works, especially larger minnows on jigs or under slip bobbers.

Muskie fishing, now that turnover is passing, will be some of the best of the year. Larger, slower bait are on the menu at this cold-water time. The Eagle River or Three Lakes Chain of Lakes will provide great action during the late fall. Jerk baits, slower-moving twitch baits, crank baits and plastics will all work in the fall period. As the water temperatures drop, suckers will become the best producers in November.

Good luck and good fishin’.