The end of summertime can be both wonderful on the water, along with some tougher fishing periods. It’ll get better as we head into September, which is usually a fun month to fish all species.

Walleye fishing has been OK on the Chain with the fish having gone deeper into or near the holes. By far the most productive bait on the Chain is half-crawlers on jigs or under slip bobbers. Twelve feet or deeper is generally a good starting area. On the deeper lakes, fish the weeds from 10 feet to the drop-offs off the weeds. Also check out the rock bars in deeper water. 

Northern action has been good in the weeds. Sucker minnows under slip bobbers work very well in the deepest weeds you can find. If you want to use artificial baits, throw some Mepps Spinners in the 2 to 4 size.

Bass fishing has been good for largemouths and smallies. The largemouths are generally shallower and using cover for their ambush feeding. Surface baits and plastics work very well for these guys. Weeds, trees, cribs and piers all produce these fish. Smallies on the other hand are deeper and over harder bottoms. These fish feed during the summer on crayfish, so any crayfish imitation will be productive. Fish from 8 to 25 feet of water depending on water clarity. 

Muskie action has been good and bad at times in the last several weeks. Bucktails and surface baits have been working well on the Chain. There also has been some deeper-water action with crankbaits and plastics. Night fishing has been good.

Panfish action has been good as usual with bluegills in the weeds and hitting worms. Crappies have for the most part moved deeper and are hitting minnows. Perch are in the deeper weeds.

It’s still warm. Get out and enjoy the weather.

Good luck and good fishin’.