The last week of hot weather was pretty unseasonable and terrible for our fishing, as the water temperatures went up at a time they are supposed to be falling.

It is finally cooling somewhat this week and temperatures will get much closer to normal by the end of the week. The warm weather had a really bad effect on the fishing with the rising water temps.

The process of turnover, which has normally started on many lakes, has not appeared yet. The Eagle River Chain, which is normally pretty green by now, was clear for the Paul’s Pro-Am Musky Tournament. Water temps are back up in the 70s everywhere, but they will fall fast with colder weather and the shorter days.

Walleye fishing was OK on the Chain, especially early in the day. Anglers report fishing with crawlers or minnows in deeper water near the holes, which is a normal pattern at this time of year. The bite stopped quickly, however, as the sun got higher and started to warm the water. The colder weather now arriving will help this activity on the Chain significantly. On the larger lakes, the walleyes appear to be deeper, with catches pretty low. Minnows are better on these lakes. The best advice we have is wait for the colder weather.

Bass fishing remains good, with the largemouths not minding the warmer weather at all. These fish are still in the weeds, even the shallow weeds. Plastics seem to be working best, but you can still catch some fish on surface baits and spinner baits. Largemouths are, after all, a warm-water fish. Smallies are deeper, but are feeding on minnows as the crayfish have for the large part died off. You will even be able to get some very large smallies in the weeds for the rest of the fall as they feed heavily each day. Twitch baits and spinners work best.

Northerns are hitting in the weeds as usual, but even these fish have slowed down a little with the warm weather.

Muskie is really the fish that seems to be most affected by this warm weather. Normally in September, we have a strong shallow weed bite going on and that doesn’t seem to have started yet due to the warm water. Hopefully, the water temperatures will drop quickly due to the cooler weather and shorter days. This might get us back to what we can call a normal fall bite for muskies. There still has been a decent night bite as the evenings cool down.

Panfish action has been pretty good, with the crappies again leading the way. There are some schools of these fish in the holes, but a good part of the population remains in the weeds. Action has been very good for crappies on small plastics and on minnows for many anglers. Bluegills are in the weeds and hitting worms as always. Perch are also in the weeds and some decent fish have been caught in the last week, even in shallower water.

With temperatures still in the 60s this week — enjoy it while it lasts!

Good luck and good fishin’.