Water temperatures are finally climbing closer to summer levels, and with that some better weed growth in lakes across the area.

With the weed growth, anglers are getting some good fishing in the weed-related areas with a variety of fish. We even have some bluegills still spawning. 

Water levels are still basically high in the area, even though we haven’t had much rain in the last three weeks. This hasn’t helped with the mosquitos, however, as we have a lot of them in the area. 

Walleye fishing has been pretty good in the area, with some nice fishing on the Eagle River Chain both in the holes and in the weeds. Jigs and minnows are still working well in the holes and on the deeper edges of the weeds, but more and more anglers are taking leeches along.Try the holes first, then move to the weeds as you search for the fish. Remember that the mayfly hatch may still be happening and that has a big effect on the fish. On the bigger lakes, the weeds are now up much better, and holding fish as a consequence. Fish in the 8- to 13-foot range in weeds on these lakes. You can have action right off the weeds at the drop-offs.

Bass fishing has been just great on all lakes, with the spawn basically over for both smallies and largemouths. The smallies have moved to deeper water with hard bottoms, and the largemouths are hanging in the weeds and cover. Both have been very active in the last week, with some nice-sized fish of both types being caught. For the smallies, look for rocks and boulders in the 8- to 15-foot range. The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest lakes have been producing smallies on leeches and Wacky Worms. Largemouths have been hitting everything from surface lures to crank baits in the weeds and cover areas. Plastics work best in many cases.

Northerns are hitting anything thrown in the weeds. These aggressive fish are often caught by anglers fishing for bass or for walleye. They can be a great fish to introduce new anglers and kids to the sport. Use artificial baits, such as Mepps spinners or Johnson Silver Minnows, for best results. Larger minnows under a slip bobber work very well as live bait.

Muskie fishing is slowly getting better. It has been a late start for these fish because of the colder water temperatures. The bigger fish are starting to become active now after spawning, so some nice fish have been caught in the last several days. Look in the weeds and in deeper water for these fish. The Eagle River Chain has been somewhat productive after that slow start. All bait types are working now. 

Panfish action is good, especially for the bluegills now. Many are still on the shorelines, and those that have left are in the weeds for the summer. Waxies or worms work best. Crappie action has been quite spotty, with some anglers delighted and some dejected. Use small plastics or crappie minnows in the weeds for them now. Perch are in the deeper weeds and out over mud-bottom areas feeding on mayflies. 

It’s getting warmer. Time to be on the water!

Good luck and good fishin’.