What a change from the cold weather in May to the hot and humid temperatures in early June. 

That inconsistent weather  has the fish completely confused and we are concerned if some of the species, such as crappies, will spawn this year.

The lakes are warming up significantly with this warm weather and most water temperatures are in the low 70s after being in the 60s just a week ago.

Swimming and water sports will be great from this point on. If you are going to fish the Chain, we suggest early morning or evening as the best fishing time on that water at boating activity is picking up.

Walleye fishing has been good on the Chain, with many fish in the weeds. The numbers are great, but the size is mostly under the slot. Either slip bobbers or a small jig with “Tuffie” minnows work well. Be aware that on these warm, dark-water lakes, we are on the cusp of the mayfly hatch which will make the fishing for walleyes much harder. The walleyes will be chock-full of wigglers and will be harder to catch. Try some small leeches or crawlers for walleyes once the mayflies start.

Northern fishing has been great, with the fish cruising the weeds in search of minnows or smaller panfish daily. Any minnow imitation or artificial bait that makes noise or flashes will work for them. If you want to use live bait, use sucker minnows and fish the weeds.

Bass fishing has been spectacular on many lakes. The smallies have been on their beds and completing their ritual, and some are still guarding the beds. You can get them on leeches, or small jigs when they are doing this. The smallies are on hard-bottom shorelines and the largemouths will find the softer areas on the lakes. Try some surface lures for a great time for the largemouths. Leeches will work also, but crawlers will be grabbed by the bluegills in the area faster than bass. Remember that smallies are catch and release until June 19.

Muskies are beginning to hit, but the majority of active muskies in the area are the males. The larger females are mostly still recovering from the spawn. Use some smaller baits such as small Suicks, No. 5 Mepps or the small Rizzo Wiz if you still have some. They are still moving somewhat slowly, so slow your retrieves down.

Panfish remain very active, with some still on the shorelines. You can still find some crappies on the shore on some lakes. Look for cover areas and weeds. They’ll hit best on minnows or pink and white Cubbie jigs. Small yellow or white Twister Tails work well also. The bluegills are on the shorelines and will be spawning for the next two weeks. They can be great fun with fly rods and poppers at this time. Perch are in the weeds also, and generally a little deeper than the other panfish.

It is a great time to be on the water!

Good luck and good fishin’.