The Landover DualSporters Club dedicated an additional 6.5 miles of off-highway motorcycle (OHM) trail on the Vilas County Forest Saturday, bringing the total to 15 miles of trail at the Tamaracks OHM Trail near Conover. 

“We are very pleased with the opportunity to increase our off-highway trail,” said Landover DualSporters Club Administrator Tom Timken. “While the first phase of 8.5 miles was fairly family friendly, our additional miles are more technical and more challenging.”

Timken indicated Phase II of the system has steeper hills, jumps, changing visual aspects, beautiful scenic vistas — including large pine trees, open fields and a lake view. The trail surface is firmly packed for the most part, with some sandy spots, according to Timken.

The OHM trail is single track with dual direction allowed. Dual-sport motorcycles are licensed to travel on public roads, while those with limited use are not permitted on public roads. A $30 state registration sticker, good for two years, is required to use the Tamaracks OHM Trail.

The Landover DualSporters Club uses the state registration program to receive a 50% grant for establishing the system. They are hoping maintenance of the trails also can be part of the cost share program. 

Timken said Phase III may be in the future if a suitable area of county forest lands can be identified. 

The trails are located off Highway S in the town of Conover. Timken thanked  the Vilas County Forestry, Recreation & Land Committee for the opportunity and support they provided for this unique outdoor recreation experience in Vilas County.