Barb Benson, left, and Sue Alward, right, presented the Northern Horizon scholarship to Northland Pines senior Laura Garling. The award was for $80,000. —Contributed Photo
Barb Benson, left, and Sue Alward, right, presented the Northern Horizon scholarship to Northland Pines senior Laura Garling. The award was for $80,000. —Contributed Photo
Northland Pines High School (NPHS) held its Senior Scholarship and Awards program for the Class of 2018 May 7 in the school’s auditorium.

Local and state scholarships totaling $245,225 were presented to graduating seniors. This amount does not include individual scholarships students will receive from the university or college they will attend.

A list of the awards, recipients, amounts (where applicable) and presenters is shown in the order of the program as follows:

Academic Excellence: Had­ley Kruse, $2,250 per year for four years, totaling $9,000, presented by Scott Foster.

Technical Excellence: Zach­ary Neddo, $2,250 per year for two years, totaling $4,500, presented by Scott Foster.

U.S. Marine Corps Senior: Academic Excellence, Sam­uel Smith; Athletic, McKenzie Ebert; Music, Faith Webb; presented by Scott Foster.

Air Force Recruiting Service Math and Science: Juniors, Jack Hayes and Adam Sima; seniors, Samuel Smith and McKenzie Ebert; presented by Josh Tilley.

U.S. Army Scholar Athletes: Ethan King-Polich and Gabrielle Herfindahl, presented by Josh Tilley.

St. Germain Community United Church of Christ Thrift Shop: Cassandra Gauthier and Hadley Kruse, $500 each, presented by Ellyn Dahnke. 

Nicolet Area Technical College: Adriana Hardtke, $250; Kelsey Bellman, Sydney Geiger and Shay Garske, $500 each; Ashlin Messner, $1,000; and Zachary Neddo, $2,500; presented by Heather Schallock.

Ripco Credit Union: Sophia Spiess, $1,000, presented by Sean Lorenz. 

Walters Technical: Carisa Scanlon, $1,800, presented by Jennifer Payne. 

Nancy Vold Memorial: Shannon Clark, $1,000, presented by Steve and Casey Vold. 

Vilas County Tavern League: Nick Edwards, Noah Schwenk and Kennedy Thom­as, $1,000 each, presented by Dan Swiecichow­ski. 

Land O’ Lakes Summer Market: Kirsten Lindemann, $1,000, presented by Cor­inne Duerkop. 

Badger Boys State-Eagle River Lions Club: Jack Hayes, $250, presented by Jake Weinand and Josie Silber. 

Eagle River Lions Club: Carter Heller and Claire Reese, $2,000 each, presented by Jake Weinand and Josie Silber.

Eagle River Lions Club Technical School: Carisa Scanlon, $1,000, presented by Jake Weinand and Josie Silber.

Northland Pines Youth Football and Cheerleading: Nicholas Cato, Nicolas Justice and Ethan King-Polich, $750 each, presented by Jake Weinand. 

Karen Reed: Nicholas Cato and Samuel Smith, $2,000 each, presented by Karen Reed. 

Ken Kazda Memorial: Sydney Geiger, $500, presented by Karen Reed. 

Eva Schmidt Memorial, sponsored by Eagle Chapter No. 218 Order of the Eastern Star, Kelsey Bellman, $1,000, presented by Sylvia McDonald. 

Conover Lions Club: Shannon Clark and Noah Schwenk, $1,000 each, presented by John Olander. 

Fallen Firefighter Memorial: David Halverson, $1,000, presented by Michael Anderson and Mike Dreger.

mBank: Carter Heller, $500, presented by Chelsea Brandt. 

St. Germain Women’s Service Club: McKenzie Ebert, Cassandra Gauthier, Hadley Kruse, Matthew McGill and Samuel Smith, $500 each, presented by Barbara Steinhilber.

Eleanor Royal Scholarship: Claire Reese, $1,000 renewable for four years, totaling $4,000, presented by Tina Koller.

Eagle River Light & Water Customer-Shared Strength Through WPPI Energy: Payton Calix, $1,000, presented by Pat Weber. 

Eagle River Light & Water WPPI Technical Program: Eric Saltenberger, $1,000, presented by Pat Weber. 

Artarama: Kirsten Lindemann and Sophia Spiess, $1,000 each, presented by Kristin Beyer. 

R&S Winter Family Fund: Shannon Clark and Ashlin Messner, $5,000 each, presented by Scott Foster. 

Eagle River Rotary Club: Hadley Kruse, $1,000, presented by Jed Lechleitner. 

Badger Boys State-American Legion No. 114: Tucker Wittkopf, $250, presented by James Lynn. 

American Legion: Scholar, Claire Reese; Music, Hadley Burns; Art, Kali Kolehouse; Athlete, Cody Jantzen; presented by James Lynn.

Viola Kraatz Memorial Nursing: Rebecca Beyersdorf and Megan Erdle, $350 each, presented by Sade Seeger. 

St. Germain Lions Club: Sydney Geiger, Carter Heller, Matt McGill, Megan Scholl and Samuel Smith, $1000 each, presented by Fred Radtke. 

Peoples State Bank: David Halverson, $500, presented by Amy Young. 

Michael John Memorial: Nicholas Cato, $500, presented by Julia Schweer. 

Advanced Welding Institute: Aaron Ewert, $500, presented by Laura Bianucci. 

Pepsi: Matthew McGill and Faith Webb, $500, presented by Christina Cabelka. 

American Citizen­ship: Student Council two or more years, Laura Garling, Hadley Kruse, Matthew McGill, Rhavyn Millis, Lauren Ritzer and Sophia Spiess, presented by Amber Tilley.

Northern Horizon: Laura Garling, $80,000, presented by Sue Alward and Barb Benson.

Sam Larsen Memorial: McKenzie Ebert and Nic­olas Justice, $500 each, presented by Mike Richie. 

St. Germain PTO: Hadley Kruse, $500, presented by Jessica Grafwallner. 

Auxiliary Partners of Ascen­sion Eagle River Hospital: Rebecca Beyersdorf, David Halverson and Samuel Smith, $1,000 each, presented by Teri Kressin, Diana Sell and Marie Maciag. 

Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce-Cranberry Fest: Brooke Kowalski and Carisa Scanlon, $500 each, presented by Christina Cabelka. 

Jacob Sieg Fund: Shannon Clark and Sydney Geiger, $500 each, presented by Tonya Sieg. 

Senior Eagle River Volunteer Enterprise: Eric Salten­berger, $500, presented by Lynn Van Dreel.

Sayner-Star Lake Lions Club: Nicholas Cato, $1,000, presented by Tom Reed.

First Congregational United Church of Christ-Bird’s Nest: Ethan King-Polich and Samuel Smith, $8,000 each, presented by Pamme Williams. 

First Congregational United Church of Christ-Roger Rieckman: Sophia Spiess, $1,000, presented by Ursula Charaf. 

First Congregational United Church of Christ-Kranz: Noah Schwenk, $2,500; Matthew McGill, $5,000; and Hadley Kruse, $20,000; presented by Ursula Charaf.

American Citizenship: Military, Matt Daring, Bryce Lederer and Caleb Rockafield, presented by David Weber.

NPHS Alumni Association: Brooke Kowalski and Sophia Spiess, $2,500 each, presented by the Alumni Scholarship Committee. 

Eagle River Business Association: McKenzie Ebert, $500, presented by Katie Hayes.

Arrow Gift Shop: Laura Garling and Nicolas Justice, presented by Katie Hayes. 

Jim Scott Memorial, sponsored by the Conover Sno-Buddies: Shannon Clark, $1,000, presented by Phillip Epping. 

Robert W. Martinson Sr. Memorial: Sophia Spiess, $500, presented by Phillip Epping. 

NPHS Student Council: Hadley Kruse and Sophia Spiess, $250 each, presented by Amber Tilley.

Principal’s Leadership: Hadley Kruse, presented by Scott Foster.

Herb Kohl Initiative: Taylor Madl, $10,000, presented by David Weber. 

Northland Pines Middle School PTSO: Aaron Krause, $500, presented by Kristin Beyer. 

Northland Pines Music Boosters: Hadley Burns, $800; Claire Reese, $650; and Kennedy Thomas, $400; presented by Kelly McGill.

Northland Pines Unified Champion-Northern Access Special Olympics: Sophia Spiess, $250, presented by Lou Deditz. 

Eagle River Union-NPHS Hall of Fame: Hadley Kruse, $500, presented by Ken Kluever. 

D&M Accounting: Nick Edwards, $500, presented by Ken Kluever. 

American Citizenship-Teen Court: Laura Garling, Hadley Kruse, Ian Oas and Samuel Smith, presented by Josh Tilley.

Michael J. Obrodovich Memorial: Megan Erdle, $2,000, presented by Tom Obrodovich. 

Eagle River Masonic Lodge No. 248: Carisa Scanlon, $500, presented by Sade Seeger. 

Sayner-Star Lake Lioness Club: McKenzie Ebert and Cassandra Gauthier, $500 each, presented by Jennifer Payne. 

JCI Eagle River Community: Carter Heller and Cara Swendson, $500 each, presented by Jennifer Payne.

Marian Pasholk Hendrickson Memorial: Shannon Clark and Sydney Geiger, $750 each, presented by Jennifer Payne. 

National Honor Society: Cassandra Gauthier and Sophia Spiess, $500 each, presented by Joné Davis and Kate Neville. 

St. Germain Lioness Club: McKenzie Ebert and Kirsten Lindemann, $1,000 each, presented by Joné Davis. 

Schilleman’s Bus Service of Eagle River: McKenzie Ebert, $500, presented by Phillip Epping.

Community Mental Health Foundation, given in honor of the life and memory of Bonnie LaRose and Hans Sallatt: Rhavyn Millis, $1,000, presented by Phillip Epping. 

Secret Chocolate Society: Rebecca Beyersdorf and Faith Webb, $500 each, presented by Kelly Wranosky. 

DeBeleyr Memorial: Aman­da Ebinal, Kali Kolehouse, $1,500 each; and Aaron Mutka, $1,125; presented by Kelly Wranosky.

WIAA Scholar Athlete: Hadley Kruse and Matt McGill, presented by Brian Margelofsky.

American Citizenship-Faculty: Shannon Clark, presented by Amber Tilley.

Land O’ Lakes Arts: Lauren Ritzer, $500, presented by Amber Tilley.

Northland Pines Sports Booster Club: Aaron Krause and Sophia Spiess, $250 each, presented by Brian Margelofsky. 

Laude honors: Magna cum laude, Ashley Britt, McKenzie Ebert, Gabrielle Herfindahl, Ben Kronberger, Kirsten Lindemann, Rhavyn Millis, Aaron Mutka, Zachary Neddo, Claire Reese, Lauren Ritzer and Sophia Spiess; summa cum laude, Laura Garling, Cassandra Gauth­ier, Carter Heller, Hadley Kruse, Chris LeDoux, Taylor Madl, Matthew McGill and Samuel Smith; presented by Scott Foster and David Weber.