The Boulder Junction Public Library is offering a Winter Book Walk at Boulder Junction Winter Park.

A book walk is a fun, educational activity that places a children’s story — literally a book taken apart — along a popular walking route in a community. Conceived as a way to inspire parents, teachers and caregivers to take young children outdoors for physical activity and learning, a book walk helps build children’s interest in reading while encouraging healthy activity for both adults and children.

The featured book is “The Little Forest Keepers” by Mary Lundquist, a picture book about being kind to friends and strangers alike.

“This story about kindness and generosity is as cozy and sweet as a mug of hot chocolate on a chilly day,” said Cherie Sanderson, library director.

The library will have laminated 2-page spreads of the book mounted on stands along Winter Park’s 1-mile trail loop.

Boulder Junction Winter Park is located at 10135-10217 Old K Rd., a quarter-mile east of downtown.

For more information, call the library at (715) 385-2050.