Band and choir students from Northland Pines Middle and High School performed at the Great Northern Conference Solo and Ensemble Festival Feb. 23 at Tomahawk High School. 

Each student performed for and was rated by a qualified Wisconsin School of Music Association adjudicator. Students were accompanied on piano by Norma Yaeger, Rachel Strong, Linda Brainard, Kaihua Liu, Forrest Mann and Kate Janssen. 

Students receiving the highest rating of Star First will perform at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival at UW-Stevens Point Saturday, May 4.

Class A, Star First

Musical theater solos: Malcolm McCanles, Morgan Phil­lipich, Colton Clure and Lexi Roth.

Soprano solos: Anna Reese, Hannah Retzleff, Keirrah Epping and Kristin Schaars.

Alto solos: Somerset Sey­mer, Myria Strong, Morgan Phillipich, Langdon Langhoff and Emily Klopp.

Tenor solo: Malcolm McCanles.

Bass solo: Colton Clure.

Vocal jazz improvisation solo: Keirrah Epping.

Vocal duets: Emily Klopp and Connor Jackman, Natalie Fluegel and Sofia Lane, and Morgan Phillipich and Malcolm McCanles.

Vocal trio: Jillian Gleason, Madeline Perry and Kristin Schaars.

Vocal quartet: Langdon Lang­hoff, Anna Reese, Emily Klopp and Olivia Polich.

Madrigal ensemble: Rebec­ca Freer, Keirrah Epp­ing, Dylan Dillahunt, Myria Strong, Carolyn Schaars, Cici Wang, Michelle Chen, Sofia Lane and Hailey Kubsch.

Cello solo: Ellyn Reese.

Piano solo: Lauren Reese.

Jazz ensemble: Sheamus Roelle, Chris Hom, Evan Burke, Hunter Indermuehle, Kelvin Lindbom, Andrew Hart­wig, Jack Uhrine, Nicolo Bortolotti, Sam Gremban, Vito Bortolotti, Billy Garrison, Gracie Stevens, Nick Lofy, Frank Milanowski, Drew Schulta, Devin Millis, Kierrah Epping, Malcolm McCanles, Bryce Langhoff, Dane Gleason and Leon Ang.

Woodwind ensemble: Chey­anne Warren, Connor Jackman, Marie Milanowski, Lexy Garrison, Hailey Kubsch, Mer­e­dith Kohls, Malcolm McCanles, Rose Tyler, Dylan Dill­-

a­hunt, Gillian Bellman, Madeline Indermuehle, Nicole Ravanelli and Bradley Steph­ens.

Flute ensemble: Cheyanne Warren, Connor Jackman, Marie Milanowski, Lexy Garrison, Hailey Kubsch, Meredith Kohls and Nicole Rava­nelli.

Creative jazz combo: Malcolm McCanles, Dane Gleason and Sheamus Roelle.

Jazz piano improvisation solo: Keirrah Epping.

Jazz strings improvisation solo: Dane Gleason.

Class A, First

Musical theater solos: Maegan Mansfield and Somerset Seymer.

Soprano solos: Cheyanne Warren and Jillian Gleason.

Bass solo: Tyler Young.

Vocal jazz improvisation solos: Colton Clure and Connor Jackman.

Vocal duets: Colton Clure and Connor Jackman, and Jillian Gleason and Carson Powell.

Piano solo: Keirrah Epp­ing.

Flute solo: Connor Jackman.

Jazz woodwind improvisation solo: Andrew Hartwig.

Class A, Second

Soprano solo: Lexi Roth.

Alto solos: Maegan Mansfield and Sofia Lane.

Tenor solo: Garret Kohls.

Vocal jazz improvisation solos: Lucas Schmidt and Massa Justice.

Vocal duet: Mason Birchbauer and Emily McGee.

Vocal ensemble: Haskel Parker, Mason Birchbauer, Carson Powell, Ethan Sites-Parker and Garret Kohls.

Contemporary a cappella ensemble: Madeline Perry, Maegan Mansfield, Amy Deditz, Carson Powell, Mason Birchbauer, Malcolm McCanles, Morris Justice, Taylor Hollnagel, Gracie Stevens and Somerset Seymer.

Creative jazz combo: Dane Gleason, Keirrah Epping, Nick Lofy, Leon Ang, Bryce Lang­hoff, Nicolo Bortolotti and Hunter Indermuehle; Malcolm McCanles, Jack Uhrine, Chris Hom, Andrew Hartwig, Billy Garrison, Vito Bortolotti and Evan Burke; and Sheamus Roelle, Gracie Stevens, Bryce Langhoff, Sam Gremban, Frank Mila­nowski, Devin Millis and Drew Schulta.

Flute solo: Cheyanne Warren.

Trumpet solo: Gracie Stevens.

Jazz brass improvisation solo: Jack Uhrine.

Jazz woodwind improvisation solo: Hunter Indermuehle.

Class B, First

Alto solos: Anna Jackson, Larissa Page and Massa Justice.

Bass solo: Carson Powell.

Vocal duets: Keirrah Epp­ing and Rebecca Freer, Nich­olas Schmidt and Lucas Schmidt, Cici Wang and Mich­elle Chen. 

Tuba solo: Myria Strong.

Tuba solo: Tommie Leto.

Jazz woodwind improvisation solos: Kelvin Lindbom, Chris Hom and Evan Burke.

Jazz brass improvisation solos: Frank Milanowski and Gracie Stevens.

Class B, Second

Soprano solo: Selena Cas­tillo.

Alto solo: Carolyn Schaars.

Bass solo: Lucas Schmidt.

Tuba solo: Payten Hernandez.

Jazz brass improvisation solos: Vito Bortolotti, Billy Garrison and Nick Lofy.

Class C, First

Alto solos: Shyanne Baker and Morgan Kohls.

Vocal duet: Jade Conway and Destiny Ratliff.

Vocal ensemble: Taya Bolte, Melissa Wilson, Ellen Edwards, Naomi Lowery, McKenzie Lewandowski, Aub­rey Bey­er, Eliana Waltz, McKenna Neubert and Larissa Page.

Piano solo: Taya Bolte.

Jazz brass improvisation solo: Drew Schulta. 

Clarinet solo: Iris Nordine.

Alto sax solo: Devon Carpenter.

Trombone solo: Nick Fluegel.

Class C, Second

Brass and percussion ensemble: Payten Hernandez, Myria Strong, Tommie Leto, Ryan Walker and Mahaila Ross.

Jazz brass improvisation solo: Nicolo Bortolotti.

Jazz strings improvisation solo: Leon Ang.

Trumpet solo: Lucas Schmidt.