The students and staff of Eagle River Elementary School recently crushed a $600 fundraising goal for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raising a total of $1,168. 

The money raised goes toward research and patient support for those experiencing a blood cancer.

Students were motivated by the “Stuck for a Buck” incentive. Any student bringing a dollar or more to donate earned a piece of duct tape to stick a staff member to the wall. Students voted and Assistant Principal Eric Becker took the most votes. 

School counselor Erica Lane organized the event, while fifth- and sixth-grade students helped to empty the change, organize bills and transport funds to her vehicle. Seven students worked to haul the $802.45 in change due to the weight.

Principal Donald Anderson and teachers Lindsey Ward, Trish Heinrich, Karl Palm, Miriam Karll, Kari Welzien, Susan Visner and the sixth grade ambassadors helped with the process of cutting more than 100 pieces of duct tape for “Stuck for a Buck.”