Band and choir students from Northland Pines Middle and High School performed at the state Solo and Ensemble Festival May 4, at UW-Stevens Point.

Each student performed for and was rated by a qualified Wisconsin School Music Association adjudicator.

To qualify for this event, each student had previously received a Star First rating at district Solo and Ensemble in February.

Results were as follows:


Soprano solo: Anna Reese.

Alto solos: Morgan Phil­lipich and Myria Strong.

Musical theater solos: Lexi Roth, Malcolm McCanles and Colton Clure.

Tenor solo: Malcolm McCanles.

Vocal duets: Sofia Lane and Natalie Fluegel, and Emily Klopp and Connor Jackman.

Soprano, soprano, alto and alto quartet: Emily Klopp, Olivia Polich, Anna Reese and Langdon Langhoff.

Jazz strings improvisation solo: Dane Gleason.

Cello solo: Ellyn Reese.

Piano solo: Lauren Reese.

Flute choir: Cheyanne Warren, Connor Jackman, Marie Milanowski, Lexy Garrison, Hailey Kubsch, Meredith Kohls and Nicole Ravanelli.

Jazz ensemble: Sheamus Roelle, Chris Hom, Evan Burke, Hunter Indermuehle, Kelvin Lindbom, Andrew Hart­wig, Jack Uhrine, Nicolo Bortolotti, Sam Gremban, Vito Bortolotti, Billy Garrison, Gracie Stevens, Nick Lofy, Frank Milanowski, Drew Schulta, Devin Millis, Kierrah Epping, Malcolm McCanles, Bryce Langhoff, Dane Gleason and Leon Ang.


Soprano solos: Hannah Retzleff and Kristin Schaars.

Alto solos: Somerset Sey­mer, Langdon Langhoff and Emily Klopp.

Musical theater solo: Morgan Phillipich.

Baritone solo: Colton Clure.

Vocal duet: Malcolm McCanles and Morgan Phillipich.

Vocal trio: Kristin Schaars, Madeline Perry and Jillian Gleason.

Soprano, soprano, alto and alto madrigal ensemble: Cici Wang, Michelle Chen, Hailey Kubsch, Sofia Lane, Carolyn Schaars, Dylan Dillahunt, Myria Strong and Rebecca Freer.

Creative jazz combo: Dane Gleason, Malcolm McCanles and Sheamus Roelle.

Woodwind ensemble: Chey­anne Warren, Connor Jackman, Marie Milanowski, Lexy Garrison, Hailey Kubsch, Mere­dith Kohls, Malcolm McCanles, Rose Tyler, Dylan Dillahunt, Gillian Bellman, Made­line Indermuehle, Nicole Ravanelli and Bradley Steph­ens.

In addition, select students received recognition in the Exemplary Performance program.

The Northland Pines High School Jazz Ensemble and Flute Choir were nominated for Exemplary Performance awards, an honor only given to select outstanding performances at the State Festival.

Lastly, junior Anna Reese was nominated and selected as an Exemplary Performance Award recipient for her soprano vocal solo. 

Out of the nominated performances, only two recipients in each site are chosen who represent the most exceptional performances, above and beyond what is typically expected of the age group.