Did you know that something as simple as staring at a pretty picture of nature can immediately help you relax, improve your focus and mood, and boost your body’s immune system and ability to heal itself?  

What if you had the skills to actually take and create those beautiful images? 

Trees For Tomorrow (TFT) Environmental Education Center in Eagle River is offering a weekend Nature Photography ReTREEt for adults that seeks to provide the education and experience for beginner photographers so they can improve their craft. 

“Our program is really tailored to adults who are either new to taking photos or who have been taking photos for a long time, but haven’t explored all the features and settings of their camera,” said Trees For Tomorrow Program Educator Kim Feller. “Especially with technology more accessible, you might have someone who has recently purchased a nice DSLR camera thinking it will exponentially improve their photos, but if you don’t understand how all the settings interact, you’ll only get so far with your images.” 

After a morning of introduction to photography, camera settings and practice, the group will head out to some beautiful field sites including Sylvania Wilderness and Bond Falls.  Participants can practice at various field sites to continue their learning and refine their subject matter. Participants with both DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras are welcome but cameras will need to have, at the very least, aperture and shutter speed settings.

“It should be a really great weekend,” Feller said. “I’m looking forward to helping our participants combine the science behind getting the camera settings just right for the desired image, with the art of composing a great picture. We’ll be going to some beautiful sites, and there’s always something interesting to photograph in nature.”  

This program is part of the Nature ReTREEt series and is scheduled for Oct. 8-10 at a cost of $187 per person, including program instruction, transportation to field sites and meals. 

Preregistration is required one week in advance.  

Course registration  and more information about ReTREEts and other TFT programs is available at treesfortomorrow.com or by calling (715) 479-6456. 

Trees For Tomorrow is an accredited nonprofit environmental education center that teaches the science of nature to groups, families and adults. Its Eagle River campus includes National Forest property under permit from the USDA Forest Service.