The St. Germain Women’s Service Club fulfilled its annual mission on Nov. 16, distributing funds to a number of charities and local organizations.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused revenue from fundraising efforts to be diminished for many public service clubs, the St. Germain Women’s Service Club was able to bring in enough funds to provide a gift for eight local agencies.

Donations were given to Plum Lake Ambulance, for operational needs; Plum Lake Public Library, for increasing the number of books available to the public; St. Germain Ambulance, for operational needs; Vilas Food Pantry, facing increased demands for groceries; Vilas County Historical Museum; Vilas County Humane Society; Vilas County Economic Development Corporation; and Warm the Children, working on another successful year of providing clothing for children.

New on the list of recipients in 2021 is the Vilas County Economic Development Corp. (VCEDC).

Patty Krarup, VCEDC treasurer, explained why the organization is worth supporting.

“The Vilas County Economic Development Corp. has a mission to build a resilient economy which benefits all the residents and visitors of the County,” said Krarup.

The public has been informed of how risky starting a new business can be and how many fail in the first or second year. Krarup said that one of the key initiatives of the nonprofit corporation is to support entrepreneurs and current business with informative programming that provides real tips and resources to help start or grow their business.

During the fall of 2021, the organization developed the “Northwoods Women’s Entrepreneur Series.” The work and skills of four women CEOs from global, national, regional and local businesses was featured.

Krarup said the organization hopes to continue educational programs like this into 2022, noting the donation from the St. Germain Women’s Service Club will “provide tremendous support to help us attract and support speakers and growing business.”

During the holiday season, the Women’s Service Club is supporting the Salvation Army Bell Ringers program at St. Germain Sentry Foods.

More information about the St. Germain Women’s Service Club is available on their Facebook page.