The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced that local governments across the state received more than $160 million in the third quarterly payments for 2021 for general transportation, connecting highway, and expressway policing aids.

For calendar year 2020, local governments received more than $505 million in general transportation aids (GTA) financial assistance to support transportation-related projects, a 10% increase over calendar year 2019 allocations.

Total funding for all local programs makes up almost one-third of the state transportation budget.

“Support for local governments transportation projects keeps goods and services moving throughout Wisconsin,” DOT Secretary-designee Craig ThompĀ­son said. “We are committed to investing wisely and working cooperatively to build good transportation solutions that support safety, economic development and our quality of life.”

The local assistance increase is part of more than $465 million in new funding for transportation projects included in the 2019-’20 state budget, the largest dedication of new, ongoing revenue to the transportation fund in a generation. 

Local dollars

In Vilas County, GTAs for this quarter included payments of $72,483 to Eagle River, $24,953 to the town of Cloverland, $59,058 to Conover, $55,287 to Land O’ Lakes, $41,949 to Lincoln, $67,270 to Phelps, $60,083 to Plum Lake, $57,560 to St. Germain and $47,770 to Washington.

In Oneida County, GTAs included payments of $84,944 to Three Lakes and $47,836 to Sugar Camp.

In Forest County, GTAs included a payment of $66,521 to the town of Hiles.

In addition to the 10% general transportation aids increase, the budget included $320 million in new funding for the State Highway Rehabilitation program and provided $90 million in one-time funding for the Local Roads Improvement Program-Supplement Grant program.

Quarterly payments for cities, towns and villages are sent the first Mondays in January, April, July and October. County payments are made in three installments, with 25% of the total annual payment on the first Monday in January; 50% on the first Monday in July; and 25% on the first Monday in October.