On Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021, Darby Lee Erdle passed away unexpectedly from a ruptured myocardial infarction. Darby passed at the age of 46 while living in Grand Marais, Minn. 

Darby was born in Union City, Penn., on Jan. 11, 1975, to Jean Marie Roberts-Erdle. Sadly, Jean passed during childbirth. We believe they’ve finally gotten that reunion that is so long overdue.

Growing up, he enjoyed playing baseball, football and being surrounded by the forest.

After graduating from Union City High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

Darby always had a wandering spirit and a love for adventure. One thing about Darby was his love for family. He always thought fondly of the man who was like the father he never had, Ronnie Burrows.  

In 2006, Darby met his wife, Tina Erdle. He used to say “The first time I saw her, my heart froze.”  He always said their love was an anomaly. Unparalleled to anything in this world. They were truly soulmates and had a very happy marriage.

Darby and Tina both had children from a previous relationship and created their blended family. They were married on Oct. 28, 2010.

After spending a few years in Texas, they moved to Eagle River, Wis., to raise their youngest children and to have a better life. He loved his family beyond anything else. He would always say “My family is my everything. There is nothing stronger than that. We are a wolf pack.” He was an amazing father and husband. 

Darby was a Jack of All Trades. He was very industrious and hard-working.

He was also knowledgeable in historic events and enjoyed writing. Darby was a fisherman and an inventor. He was always inquisitive and charming.

Another passion he had was for a game called Delta Force Xtreme, an online first-person shooter game. He was always creating chaos with his friends. He created very strong friendships with other players around the world and they have become like family. 

Darby is survived by his adoptive family, the Burrows; his wife, Tina Erdle; daughter, Megan Erdle; son, Brenden Erdle; son, Alex Mejicano; and aunt, Beverly Roberts Young. He is also survived by his niece, Kelsey Thomas; and Kenzi Deleo.

He was a man who deserved all the love in the world. There is not a single day that goes by where we won’t miss his smile or laugh. He was a man like no other. Anyone who knew him knew he always had such a warm personality and cared for others. Darby was loved beyond measure and will be greatly missed by many.

A bright light extinguished far too soon!  His wings were ready, our hearts were not.