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  • Drug dependency grant great for county and tribe

    Vilas County and the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians have worked jointly to obtain a $131,000 state grant that will help assist Vilas?County Jail inmates with

  • Veterans deserve a break

    The majority of service members agree. The most difficult aspect of transitioning out of the military is leaving behind its orderly and conventional structure, and

  • Letter to the Editor:

    We saw last week’s News-Review and read the wonderful story on Elyse Oddo and the Northernaire. It brought back many memories.

    My grandfather, for a couple of years or summers, had worked there as a
  • Dear Editor:
    On Sept. 24, a thunderstorm came through the town of Cloverland.
    Star Lake Road and East Hunter Lake Road got hit with
  • Letter to the Editor: 
    I would like to commend the Conover Volunteer Fire Department. They have once again proven how valuable they are.
    With one phone call, they
  • It’s time to honor those who kept America free

    As we embark on yet another Veterans Day next Monday, Nov. 11, it’s important that Americans remember that no one did more to keep this country free than the soldiers who

  • What Others Say

    Everyone deserves clean drinking water

    From the very beginning of Gov. Tony Evers’ term, he made his priorities clear by declaring 2019 the “Year of Clean Drinking Water.”
    During his State of the State Address in January, he

  • Letter to the Editor:
    Last weekend, my wife and I ran up against some new realities of modern health care. My father-in-law wanted to get into some appropriate senior care facility because, at
  • Dear Editor:
    The stark contrast between Jeff Laadt’s worldview and that of Warren Anderson is but a microcosm of our irreconcilable political divide that was on full display in their recent letters to the editor titled
  • Our printing is changing but not our commitment

    After nearly 135 years of printing locally, next week the Vilas County News-Review and The Three Lakes News will join the vast majority of community newspapers that have been forced to print at a

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