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  • Tourism promotion funds vital to economic health

    A major challenge facing every town board in this tourism-centered land of lakes and public forests is how to finance development of parks, trails, boat landings, fisheries and

  • Urge precautions against variant

    We offer this proposed strategy to effectively manage and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the Northland Pines School District (NPSD).

    The strategy is based upon

  • Letter to the Editor:

    Nov. 16, the Vilas County Highway Committee approved a set of six criteria (three for the highway commissioner and three for the Highway Committee). These
  • Letter to the Editor:

    There has been a lot of talk lately about canceling or forgiving student debt. This conversation increased when President Biden’s administration went into office and is now a major issue in Washington. I
  • Washington set aside a holiday to thank God

    It’s time once again for Americans to count their blessings as they celebrate Thanksgiving Day this Thursday, Nov. 25, a day set aside by Congress and our first president, George Washington, for

  • What Others Say
    Start holiday shopping sooner

    The holiday season is fast approaching and your local shops have been eagerly preparing. They especially need good sales in 2021, during what is traditionally the

  • To the Editor:

    Reading the Vilas County News-Review article in the Nov. 3 issue regarding the seven female department heads who signed a letter telling of “an atmosphere of misogyny” and “a good old boy’s network” at the county board level was
  • Letter to the Editor:

    Ten years ago, I thought, “I will not see the effects of climate change in my lifetime.” Now I see I was naïve.

    Extreme weather is
  • Letter to the Editor:

    The outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial is an American tragedy.

    The acquittal of Mr. Rittenhouse came as no surprise. The
  • Letter to the Editor:

    Like the vast majority of physicians, I wish that every eligible person would receive the COVID vaccine. But I do not think government should impose mandates on
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