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  • Deer hunters should care about carcass disposal

    The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is working on ways to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD), a neurological disease of deer, elk and moose that is caused by

  • What Others Say

    Legislature should put students first

    Under Gov. Tony Evers’ leadership, Republicans agreed to make a down payment on the People’s Budget and increase funding for our schools.
    Unfortunately, with school just getting started for the year, communities across Wisconsin are

  • Letter to the Editor:

    Schools across the state are now back in session for another school year. As a parent, I’m proud of the support we have provided for education. 

    We’re investing more in our schools than ever before, but
  • Dear Editor:
    One of the most remarkable and uplifting developments in the climate movement is the recent upsurge of activism by youths around the world. They know that the growing climate crisis endangers
  • Letter to the Editor:
    Every day sunset comes just a little bit earlier and the leaves are starting to change color. Although it’s always sad to see the end of summer, fall is a spectacular time in
  • Dear Editor:

    While on a boat ride Sept. 16, we unexpectedly ran out of fuel on Medicine Lake.

    A couple stop­ped to help us. They
  • Don’t forget to observe Patriot Day Wednesday

    Patriot Day takes place each year on Sept. 11 to honor those who lost their lives due to the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and rural Pennsylvania, where a plane en route for

  • Letter to the Editor:
    Hurricane Dorian and its aftermath have recently dominated the news. As our climate warms, scientists predict we can expect more powerful and frequent
  • Letter to the Editor:
    Few small towns, or much larger towns for that matter, have such a valuable/viable newspaper resource like what you put out each week.
    I speak for the board of directors of Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) in expressing our
  • Dear Editor:
    If anyone had confidently stated a year ago that there are mainly two points of view regarding Donald Trump-Russia collusion, they would have been spectacularly
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