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  • Derby legacy continues with new events, twists

    The oldest, grandest event in snowmobile racing history will continue its historic legacy this weekend, Jan. 16-19, with the 57th running of the World Championship Snowmobile

  • Dear Editor:
    Frank Gabl’s “Letter to the Editor” Dec. 25, 2019, brought forth some interesting thoughs when he wrote:
    “For more than four years and
  • Letter to the Editor:
    Next Monday, Jan. 20, the United States will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Dr. King’s landmark speech, which has come to be known as his “I Have
  • Sledders crossing lakes take risks without markers

    With the unpredictable and highly variable ice conditions we’ve seen thus far in this winter season, we are urging snowmobilers to stay off the lakes until local clubs or

  • What Others Say

    Pollution records must be open

    Just shy of two years ago, a Your Right to Know column explored the heightened importance of open government when public health is at risk.
    Multiple examples showed the government was not sharing timely information with the public or even

  • Letter to the Editor: 
    Mr. Kurt Krueger starts out the new year (In the Outdoors column in Jan. 1 issue) as he ended it, by carrying on his vendetta against wolves. Again, he goes one step farther in not so subtly endorsing and perhaps even encouraging people to
  • Letter to the Editor:

    President Trump boasts that our economy is “booming.” He’s right. As the stock market soars, the wealthy bathe in profits. Eighty-one percent of those who invest in the stock market are
  • Letter to the Editor:
    In response to Ken Anderson’s Dec. 12 article “New boathouse rules,” this attempt by four of the county board members, Jay Verhulst, Jerry Burkett, Steven Doyen and Kim Simac, and Glenn Schiffmann, owner of
  • Some cheers and jeers for the year just ended

    With this end-of-year edition we want to cheer the good and jeer some of the not so good things that occurred in 2019. So here goes:

    CHEERS to the

  • Letter to the Editor:
    America, we have witnessed a kangaroo trial on behalf of our House of Representatives in Congress (aka Democrats). 
    They made the rules and
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