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  • Isolation, social distancing could save many lives

    Those who are violating orders pertaining to social distancing and 14 days of self-isolation when returning from downstate or out-of-state travel are the biggest deterrent to

  • Family caregivers need a plan

    As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread across Wisconsin, the nation and world, health officials have made it clear that older adults and those with chronic health conditions are

  • Letter to the Editor: 
    The Vilas County Board of Supervisors’ request for seasonal homeowners to stay away from their Vilas County homes is a drastic overreaction to the
  • Letter to the Editor:

    I write to you at a difficult and unprecedented time, when there are more questions than answers about the COVID-19 threat. We’ve taken steps in the last few days to
  • It’s a state of emergency to slow the coronavirus

    The new virus that has killed more than 16,000 people in 195 countries worldwide and has infected more than 400 in Wisconsin is a serious pandemic that shouldn’t be taken lightly, lest we be judged as

  • Help us be there for you

    The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) with hospital and health system members throughout the state is asking the public to help health care in its efforts to prepare for a possible surge of

  • Dear Editor:
    Fifteen towns and cities in Vilas and Oneida counties will be part of 23 Wisconsin municipalities placing a referendum on their April 7 ballot. 
    The nonbinding question asks if Wisconsin should
  • Letter to the Editor:
    In upcoming elections this year, many of you will have an opportunity to vote on an important nonbinding advisory referendum regarding unlimited money in 
  • This is your government, an absolute right to know

    Americans are celebrating Sunshine Week 2020 this week, and the theme “It’s always your right to know” is rooted deeply into the foundation of a government that was established to be of, by and

  • What Others Say

    Expanding Medicaid in Wisconsin

    With the 2020 presidential election just around the corner, the topic of health care is more hotly contested than ever.
    While each candidate has their own opinion on how it should be reformed, there’s one theme that

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