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  • Milfoil success story continues on the Chain

    Nobody could have guessed that eight years of aquatic herbicide management on the Eagle River Chain would have resulted in one of the biggest modern-day success stories in the fight against Eurasian water milfoil (EWM), the most aggressive, most widespread aquatic invasive in Wisconsin.
    Those annual treatments knocked down and wiped out 278 acres of EWM, including more than

  • Letter to the Editor:
    I applaud James Lynn’s desire for a “united country rather than a divided society” (July 4 letter). 
    I empathize with his disdain for lies and hateful rhetoric, and share his frustration over influence peddling in Congress. Unfortunately, I doubt that we will be seen sitting around a campfire singing “Kumbaya” anytime soon.
    In response to some of Mr. Lynn’s observations/suggestions:
    Politics is messy. As Otto von Bismarck observed “laws are like
  • Letter to the Editor:
    Were you ever afraid of thunder, lightning and things that go “boom” in the night?
    I can’t speak “dog tongue” to calm my quaking, panting, hiding, totally scared dog. Electronically, I search for summer storms before their arrival. Then, I medicate my dog so he’s settled down when the tempests arrive.
    But neighborhood firecrackers alarm him. Other than July 3 and 4, I can’t medicate him ahead of time.
    This July 4, those
  • Letter to the Editor:
    June 27, Terrance Moe expressed his utter contempt for President Donald Trump. In that his comments align rather closely with Democratic Party talking points, my responses are directed more to the party than to the individual.
    His first sentence refers to Trump as a monster, installed by a foreign government. That is in line with statements made by Maxine Waters, Kathy Griffin, late-night comedians and other lefties. 
    But he fails to mention the monsters in
  • Dear Editor:

    My name is Tim Trimble, 69 years old, presently waiting trial for my 10th and 11th lifetime operating while intoxicated (OWI), with a possible sentence of 12 years incarceration with an additional 15 years of extended supervision.

    That would put me at 91 years old when free. 

    In 52 years of driving, fully insured, I’ve had no accidents, property damage, injuries or endangerment to self or others, negligent or reckless driving, violence, no
  • Letter to the Editor:
    As a full-time resident, my internet and cell signals tank during the summer months due to tourists coming to the area. 
    The businesses and people working in the North Woods need the internet and cell services to do their jobs and run their businesses. 
    Please be respectful of people needing these services and limit high bandwidth internet and cellphone usage to after hours. 
    Kevin Jones
    Eagle River
  • The greatest free country celebrates independence

    Let the celebrations begin as the greatest free country in history, the United States of America, officially celebrates its 242nd birthday Wednesday, July 4.
    The day marks the anniversary of the day the Continental Congress adopted the wording of a Declaration of Independence, a document that officially separated the 13 colonies from Great Britain in

  • What Others Say

    Celebrate your community on the Fourth

    As I go about my work of helping communities revitalize and reinvent themselves, I often get to see the best of America and I’m reminded that the foundations that built this country are still just as important today.
    It’s long been said that America is all about

  • Letter to the Editor:
    As we celebrate the birth of our Republic, are we faced with an uncivil war? 
    The nation is being sharply divided by “the swamp,” “the deep state,” and lied to and misled by the major media and spoiled elites. Therefore, certain reforms are necessary to restore us to a united country rather than a divided society because united we stand or divided we will fall.
    First, what has happened to the real Democrats and the real Republicans? The left is now engaged in a campaign of lies and hate to undermine the elected government. During the last presidential election, it
  • Letter to the Editor:

    This past weekend, Margaret Engebretson was in the area and met with groups of voters in several North Woods locations and I was excited to meet her and discuss issues with her. She is running for 7th Congressional District. 

    I think her strengths and commitment to the rural areas make her the best candidate not only for the primary Aug. 14, but for the general election. 

    Margaret lives in Balsam Lake, a small community in northwestern Wisconsin and understands the issues with living in rural Wisconsin. She believes that we need the same access to
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