Letter to the Editor:

I have a few comments on the article titled “Musky Tales Revisited” by Eric Johnson in the Nov. 24, 2021 issue.

The article caught my attention when I noticed the Richter name. My uncle Dunnie (No. 7 on the Northernaires) commented that he did not recall the giant fish. I asked my dad Ed (another surviving Richter brother; there were four and the oldest being Gene (Wick), Ed, Dunnie, and Fran). Dad kinda remembers the story being told by grandpa, but couldn’t recall any details or hard evidence.

Grandpa did work for the DNR when he wasn’t guiding fishermen and hunters, so that part of the story is definitely true. He often took me fishing as a young lad, but never mentioned the story to me either.

Anyway, I hope we see more information in the future about this interesting topic. My copy of the Vilas County News is always weeks (or months) behind since we live in Colorado and winter in Arizona. So snail mail is really confused! Thanks for listening!

Guy Richter

Rye, Colo.