Letter to the Editor:

Ask a historian and they will tell you that empires fall when faced with a strong exterior enemy outside and an internal weakness inside.

We are being opposed by a new international axis of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and the Taliban/ISIS. Currently, we are struggling against a germ warfare attack that has killed millions and stopped economies, education and affected elections. This attack is being followed by a chemical warfare attack using lethal drugs killing millions more.

The Chinese Communist Party, who tightly controls China, disowns the release of the Covid-19 virus and the drug fentanyl, while greatly increasing their military forces, weapons and global influence. This lying has destroyed any trust, but we should believe their vow to replace us.

Meanwhile, we have an administration elected by the use of questionable balloting in some states that seems determined to “reset” our country. First, they have limited our oil production to make us energy dependent on others, causing prices that have resulted in an intentional inflation tax on everyone. Thus, they are affecting all food and transportation costs, and jobs. They are eliminating our emergency oil reserves. They are spending us into bankruptcy. They are allowing the Chinese to buy U.S. colleges, companies and land.

Next, they have deliberately opened our southern borders, resulting in the invasion of millions during a pandemic. This has created an underground society at taxpayers’ expense. Most invaders are young men we do not know who or where they are. They could be a hidden army waiting to change this county.

Then, they have used programs like critical race theory (CRT) to brainwash and control our children in our schools. Then, they are weakening our first responders and military by dismissals due to refusing federal mandates or not passing CRT tests.

Our Army has been diminished to the point that the Reserves and National Guards must be used, resulting in multiple deployments instead of victories. Our Navy is being reduced by 24 major ships to the point we will have only a one-ocean Navy. Our Air Force is now providing “safe places” for airmen and reducing the number of planes and squadrons. Finally, the Marine Corps are losing all of their tanks and aircraft, and are now celebrating “Pride Month.” Meanwhile, we are sending billions in tactical, defensive arms and ammo to the Ukraine that may not be backfilled.

Finally, this administration has appointed “woke” secretaries and general officers based on politics, sex and/or race that have mismanaged their departments.

We all need to wake up now. We need to be training “warriors” not “wimps” or heaven help us.

James R. Lynn

Eagle River