Letter to the Editor:

First, I wish to thank Publisher Kurt Krueger and the staff of the Vilas County News-Review for their production of an active public forum; an invitation to the exchange of thoughts, observations and debate in its editorial/opinion pages. Congratulations for all of your well-deserved accolades. 

You may not have always/ever agreed with my perspective, but have been kind enough to let me into the ring. Frank Gabl, my frequent sparring partner, has consistently been an inspiration for thoughtful participation in these debates. His recent comments (March 27, Vilas County News-Review) were insightful and greatly appreciated.

For those who are offended, angered or frustrated by commentary on these pages and I say this with no malice, respond with your own perspective and not just your bile. The easiest way to bump Mr. Gabl or myself off of this page is to compete for the space.

Sound bites, bumper stickers, talking points and rally chants are not elements of disclosure; they are emotional hooks. President Donald Trump routinely oversimplifies, lies, or makes stuff up, then projects his lack of honesty upon “fake news.” His statements are often outrageous and adversarial. They are intended to deflect from the issue, grab attention and elicit a reflexive response. He uses juvenile name-calling to dumb down the conversation and fire up that portion of his base best described as cult followers. He wants a gut response, not a critical assessment. 

A convincing rebuttal typically requires research with fact checking, as well as analysis, interpretation, comprehension and rational judgement. A logical response to a complex issue cannot be distilled into 30 words or less.

Terrance Moe