Dear Editor:

Fifteen towns and cities in Vilas and Oneida counties will be part of 23 Wisconsin municipalities placing a referendum on their April 7 ballot. 

The nonbinding question asks if Wisconsin should replace its current partisan map-drawing process after each census with a nonpartisan process similar to that used in Iowa for decades. 

These participating local municipalities make up 56% of Vilas voters and 57% of Oneida voters. The vote count will decide whether or not our two counties will join the more than 50% of Wisconsin county boards that have already passed this initiative via board resolution or ballot referendum with an average “Yes” vote of 82%. 

The other nonbinding referendum question asks whether the voter supports calling for an amendment to our U.S. Constitution to state that only human beings are endowed with constitutional rights — not corporations, unions, nonprofits or other artificial entities, and money is not speech, and therefore limiting political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting speech. 

Again over 146 Wisconsin communities and county boards have already passed either a ballot referendum or board resolution based on this question — 80% average “Yes” vote. 

Lake Tomahawk made history in 2016 with a 91% passage. Be sure to cast your “Yes” or “No” vote on April 7.

Darlene Goldschmidt

Eagle River

Editor’s note: Because absentee voting is growing due to COVID-19 concerns, the Wisconsin Elections Commission offers the following information:

Starting March 19, voters can still register to vote during the “closed registration period” in their municipal clerk’s office until the Friday before the election and at the polling place on election day.

Registered voters who want an absentee ballot should request one ASAP through The official deadline to request an absentee ballot is April 2, but voters should not wait until the deadline.

Voters can also make an absentee ballot request in writing directly to their clerk’s office, either by regular mail, email or fax.