Dear Editor:

As the main impact of the recent election cycle becomes patently obvious with the escalation of the “witch hunt” to either remove President Donald Trump or irreparably damage him politically, it is incumbent upon all Americans who trust in our nation’s proven foundational fabric of faith, family, tradition, capitalism and rational cultural norms to stand their ground in this unprecedented war for America which sharply underscores the irreconcilable differences that define the political left and right. 

That said, I was one of Mr. Trump’s harshest critics until the final decision essentially boiled down to a third term for Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton riding shotgun. Yet, if the anti-American rioting that was orchestrated right out of the gate after the presidential election did not quite push me over the edge into becoming a staunch Trump defender, it was the slowly emerging revelations during the past 20 months regarding a criminal scheme to affect the 2016 election outcome, as well as the subversive plot to remove the duly-elected president if all else failed, that ultimately did the trick and solidified my loyalty.

With an impartial national media, every American would have been fully aware by now that it was not Trump, but rather Obama and his administration together with Clinton and the Clinton Foundation who were colluding with Russia against the best interests of our nation since 2009. 

• According to an exhaustive New York Times investigative report in 2015 and a separate FBI informant turned whistleblower, while Clinton was Obama’s secretary of state, Vladimir Putin’s Russia gradually obtained permanent control of 20% of U.S. uranium security assets after the Obama administration approved the deal and millions of dollars flowed into the Clinton Foundation. 

It is noteworthy that Robert Mueller, the head of today’s Special Counsel investigation into Russian interference and collusion in the 2016 election, served as Mr. Obama’s FBI director at the time and was fully aware of the corrupt deal which the FBI titled “Uranium One Transaction.” 

• President Obama was caught on camera surreptitiously asking then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to relay a message to Putin about going easy on him during his 2012 re-election campaign in return for more flexibility afterward on contentious issues of critical importance to Russia.

• According to official congressional investigations, Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) secretly paid a former foreign spy with funds funneled through the DNC’s law firm for the express purpose of executing a smear campaign against candidate Trump. The endgame was to sway the presidential election by circulating a fabricated, Russian-sourced “Trump-Russia dossier,” which ironically alleged collusion between Trump and Moscow to hijack the presidential election. But for the sham dossier, there never would have been a perpetual Trump-Russia narrative that has ripped this country apart from within.

• Obama’s FBI and Justice Department knowingly employed the sham dossier to fraudulently obtain top-secret electronic surveillance warrants which effectively allowed a whole host of Obama administration officials including the CIA to illegally spy, leak and unmask members of the Trump campaign in order to steer the election outcome in Clinton’s favor. And after Mr. Trump was inaugurated, the intelligence gathered through illegal surveillance formed the foundation for today’s Special Counsel investigation essentially tasked with finding any means necessary to bring down the president.

Several months ago, Trump pledged to declassify and make public all of the documents in this complex government web of internal deception. And investigators with intimate knowledge of the documents guarantee they will shock the world.

Frank Gabl

Prospect Heights, Ill.